Kangnam Talks About Proposal To Lee Sang Hwa And Marriage Plans, Says It’s Not Premarital Pregnancy

Kangnam shared his thoughts on his upcoming marriage to Lee Sang Hwa.

On August 29, Kangnam revealed that he and Lee Sang Hwa will be getting married on October 12. The couple went public with their relationship in March.

In an interview with SpoTV News, Kangnam described his proposal and future plans.

When asked about the wedding preparations and their new home, Kangnam said he wanted to make the announcement sooner. “To be honest, I couldn’t [prepare for the wedding] because I thought that there might be rumors if I did so. Now that we’ve announced our wedding, we’re planning to prepare comfortably. We now have to look for our new home and prepare various things.”

As for the moment that made him decide to get married, Kangnam said, “[Lee Sang Hwa] only exercised for 25 years. The two of us want to create a fun life together. Since she worked hard exercising all this time, I want her to live happily from here on out. I only think about making her happy.”

Describing the proposal, he said, “I gave her a ring when a boat passed by at a place where you could see the river. She accepted it while crying.”

He laughed and denied when asked if Lee Sang Hwa was pregnant, then stated his goals for marriage. Kangnam concluded, “The bride-to-be worked hard exercising for 25 years. I want us to travel often and live a fun life. We’ll live happily.”

He added, “Lee Sang Hwa has a bright personality and lots of cuteness. She’s receiving lots of offers for TV appearances, but I don’t know if she’ll accept. We’ll discuss her future promotions.”

Later that day, a source from Kangnam’s agency Dmost Entertainment told Maeil Business Newspaper’s Star Today, “They confirmed their wedding date then later revealed it to the media. It’s definitely not [a pre-marital pregnancy].”

Kangnam and Lee Sang Hwa first met on SBS’s “Law of the Jungle in the Last Indian Ocean” and got closer while meeting up with the cast members after the show.

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