“Hotel Del Luna” Cast Bids Farewell Following Drama’s Finale

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Block B’s P.O also shared his thoughts on the conclusion of “Hotel Del Luna” through an Instagram account run by his agency.

He wrote, “Everyone, thank you for loving ‘Hotel Del Luna’ and Ji Hyun Joong, who will always remain a boy. I’m still lacking in many ways, but I will practice and work hard. I will return soon with another great project, great role, and great stage.”

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The finale of tvN’s “Hotel Del Luna” aired on September 1, and the drama’s cast members shared their thoughts on the drama coming to an end.

IU, who played the main character Jang Man Wol, shared, “The last six months that I lived as Jang Man Wol were the most glamorous days of my life. I used to dislike summer, but thanks to this drama, I’ve come to like it a bit. Now, I think this drama will come to my mind every time summer comes. It was an honor to play such a charming character, and I’m thankful for all of the people I met through the drama. I sincerely thank all of the viewers who sympathized with how Jang Man Wol was bound by her resentment and for cheering us on until our last step.”

Yeo Jin Goo portrayed the warm and romantic Goo Chan Sung who changed Hotel Del Luna and Jang Man Wol. The actor said, “The closer I got to Goo Chan Sung, the more he seemed like a hardened individual. So instead of portraying someone that resembles my current self, I wanted to depict someone amazing that I want to become like. I would like to know how Goo Chan Sung will be remembered in the minds of our viewers. A secret world that was hidden from view has met all of you and become a sorrowfully beautiful reality. I will cherish it in my heart. I thank viewers for laughing and crying with ‘Hotel Del Luna’ during the summer of 2019. We were able to gain strength and work hard until now because you showed affection for the various characters and stayed with us throughout the drama.”

Lee Do Hyun played the scene-stealer Go Chung Myung from Jang Man Wol’s past. Lee Do Hyun shared, “It was a very valuable and thankful experience to be on set. I learned many things. It was hard, but the happy and joyful memories are still clear in my heart. I would like to thank the director who believed in me, the writer, the staff, and all of the actors, as it was an honor to be able to work with them. Everyone worked hard, and I hope to see them on another drama set in the future. I also thank viewers for sending love to ‘Hotel Del Luna’ and Go Chung Myung. I will return as an improved version of myself.”

gugudan’s Mina, who played the ambitious high school student Kim Yoo Na, relayed, “First of all, thank you for watching ‘Hotel Del Luna’ and giving us lots of love. I was very happy to spend time as the youngest of [Hotel] Del Luna. I feel like I’ve woken up from a sweet midsummer night’s dream. I learned a lot through this drama. Every moment on set was fun, and it will remain in my memory for a long time.”

Park Yoo Na’s agency revealed a video of the actress bidding goodbye to the drama. She played Princess Song Hwa from Jang Man Wol’s past as well as Goo Chan Sung’s ex-girlfriend Lee Mi Ra. Park Yoo Na shared, “It seems like just yesterday that I was getting excited for the first day of filming, and it’s sad that it’s already the last day.” She added that she will return with another great project in the future.

Lee Tae Sun played Yeon Woo from Jang Man Wol’s past and tugged at viewers’ hearts with his kind heart. The actor said, “‘Hotel Del Luna’ was a great and precious project to me. Though ‘Hotel Del Luna’ comes to an end today (September 1), I hope you will show love for [my] next project as well. Always be happy and healthy, and please cheer me on too. Thank you.”

Shin Jung Geun, who took on the role of Hotel Del Luna’s bartender Kim Seon Bi (Scholar Kim), expressed, “The joyful time I spent with the actors, director, actors, and staff on set will stay in my memory for a long time. I thank viewers for sending us lots of love. Please don’t forget Kim Seon Bi.”

Kang Hong Seok, who played a grim reaper, shared, “Thank you for loving ‘Hotel Del Luna’ and the grim reaper. I was very happy to take on a new role like that of a grim reaper through a great drama.” Jo Hyun Chul, who appeared in the drama as Goo Chan Sung’s wealthy friend Sanchez, said, “I thank all of the production staff and cast who worked hard on set during the hot summer. While acting in this drama, I thought deeply about how I should portray my character, and I was happy that Sanchez received lots of love.”

Meanwhile, the finale of “Hotel Del Luna” achieved its personal best in ratings, and tvN has responded to viewers’ hopes of a second season.

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