Watch: NU’EST’s Baekho, N.Flying, PENTAGON’s Hui, And More Create Amazing Stages On “The Call 2”

The most recent episode of Mnet and tvN’s “The Call 2” featured amazing performances that are must watches!

“The Call 2” is a program where musicians are invited to participate in collaborative stages and compete in four different teams. Audience members vote for their favorite performances to crown the winning team for the season. This season’s teams are headed by Yoon Jong Shin, UV, Soyou, and Yoon Min Soo.

The episode that aired on September 6 featured the second round of new songs, and each performance left a lasting impact. First up was Yoon Jong Shin’s team up against UV’s team. Lyn, Ha Dong Kyun, and Kim Feel all took to the stage to represent the Yoon Jong Shin Family with “Running,” which was a rock track produced by Ha Dong Kyun that tells the story of wanting to run away after parting with someone.

They were up again the UV Family, who put forth a performance by Noeul and N.Flying. The team performed “Rain,” a song with a message of hope. The lyrics spoke of rain washing pain away and leading one towards a brighter day, just like how the sky clears after rainfall. Noeul’s soaring high notes blended perfectly with N.Flying’s talents to create an emotional and beautiful performance.

The audience voted and ended up choosing “Running” as the winner between the two.

Following them were performances by the Soyou Family and Yoon Min Soo Family. Soyou’s team had rapper Hangzoo teaming up with PENTAGON’s Hui while Yoon Min Soo’s team had rapper Cheetah perform with NU’EST’s Baekho. Both stages featured a collaboration between a rapper and an idol member, and they both brought the house down.

Hangzoo and Hui performed “Acceptance Speech” (literal title), which was created under the theme, “I dedicate all the honor to you.” The pair put on a captivating performance as Hangzoo’s rapping skills perfectly mixed with Hui’s vocal talents to create an energetic stage.

Up against them were Cheetah and Baekho with “Guy, Guy, Guy” (literal title), a song written from the perspective of a person who was betrayed in a relationship. Cheetah’s charisma, the addictive chorus, and Baekho’s soft vocals that contrasted with the heated performance created an amazing stage.

The audience made their decision to go with “Guy, Guy, Guy,” netting Yoon Min Soo’s team their second win.

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