Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, And Lee Kyu Hyung Share Final Thoughts On Conclusion Of “Doctor John”

Prior to airing its last episode, SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama “Doctor John” delivered the three lead actors’ thoughts and feelings on finally concluding the drama!

Since its premiere, “Doctor John” showed nothing but growth and success. The drama premiered to solid ratings on July 19, and it soon took over the No. 1 spot in its time slot, where it remained until its final episode on September 7.

Regarding the end of the drama, Ji Sung said, “It’s bittersweet that the grand journey of ‘Doctor John,’ which lasted about six months, has wrapped up. I think the staff members of ‘Doctor John’ with whom I’ve become close, the actors I worked with, and the character Cha Yo Han will remain in my heart for a long time.”

The actor continued, “The things I realized, the things that felt worthwhile, and the happy memories that I gained during filming and while living as the anesthesiologist Yo Han will pop up in my mind from time to time. I thank the director, staff members, all of the actors, and viewers who gifted me with these fond memories.”

Lee Se Young, who starred as the intelligent anesthesiology resident Kang Si Young, also shared her thoughts. The actress stated, “During the past six months that I’ve spent with ‘Doctor John,’ I cried a lot, but more importantly, I got to laugh a lot.” She continued, “I thank the viewers who encouraged and showed support for Si Young as she overcame a deep pain and grew. I would also like to deliver my sincere gratitude to all the ‘Doctor John’ family members who stayed by Si Young’s side.”

Lee Kyu Hyung, who played the charismatic prosecutor Son Seok Ki, commented, “I was glad to be able to greet viewers through a great project like ‘Doctor John.’ It was an exciting experience to work with director Jo Soo Won and Ji Sung. I would like to thank and tell every actor and staff member of the drama that they did well. I sincerely thank all the viewers who loved ‘Doctor John’ until now.”

Supporting actors Hwang HeeKim Hye EunShin Dong MiOh Seung HyunKim Young Hoon, Kwon Ha Woon, and Oh Hyun Joong also expressed their feelings of gratitude towards the staff and viewers.

Lastly, the production team said, “We thank all actors including Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, and Lee Kyu Hyung, who showed their devoted passion as best as they could for ‘Doctor John,’ every staff member who participated in filming despite how tired and exhausting it was, and viewers who showed lots of support.”

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