Seol In Ah And Jo Yoon Hee Transform Into Ambitious Women For Upcoming Drama “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life”

KBS’s upcoming weekend drama “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” has released new stills of Seol In Ah and Jo Yoon Hee!

“Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” depicts the romance between a self-assertive woman studying for the civil service exam and a mean-spirited man who doesn’t believe in marriage.

In the drama, Seol In Ah will take on the main role of Kim Chung Ah, a woman who has been studying for the civil service exam for eight years and has given up dating and marriage. She is a woman of love and loyalty who will warm the hearts of viewers with her hard-working mindset.

In the released stills, Seol In Ah hints at Kim Chung Ah’s mysterious story line. In one photo, she lights up the room with a genuine smile, but in another image, her face is blank as if she is physically weighted down by the heavy atmosphere. Viewers will be able to see why she always smiles brightly despite her sad backstory, and why she gave up on many things for her future.

Seol In Ah commented, “[Kim Chung Ah] is a character with deep wounds inside her heart. I’m thinking and putting in a lot of effort in order to understand Chung Ah’s mindset. I’m learning and receiving a lot of advice from Kim Mi Sook, who plays Chung Ah’s mother.”

Jo Yoon Hee will take on the role of Kim Seol Ah, an ambitious woman and former announcer. Although Kim Seol Ah’s life looks glamorous, she actually has many worries, which will help build suspense in the drama. The show will portray the journey she takes to find true happiness.

In the newly released stills, Jo Yoon Hee perfectly transforms into an announcer with her formal outfit and gaze full of ambition.

The production staff stated, “Jo Yoon Hee has taken on her role as Kim Seol Ah perfectly from head to toe. Please look forward to Jo Yoon Hee’s upcoming performance as Kim Seol Ah.”

“Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” will premiere on September 28 at 7:55 p.m. KST.

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