Im Chang Jung Expresses Love And Respect For BTS, BLACKPINK, And Kim Jae Hwan

Im Chang Jung has shared his special love for junior artists including BTS, BLACKPINK, and Kim Jae Hwan!

After making his debut as a singer in 1995, Im Chang Jung established himself as one of the most prominent figures in the industry by releasing a number of hit ballad tracks.

In his recent interview with MBN, Im Chang Jung said, “I sing simply because I love music. Music offers something unique that is hard to find in other fields. Even as a professional, it is possible for me to become a fan of another singer. I like that I’m able to [hear their music] rationally in a completely different position.”

Im Chang Jung continued to explain his thoughts by mentioning some of his favorite artists including Boyz II Men, BTS, and BLACKPINK. The singer stated, “Recently, I’ve been listening to a medley of Boyz II Men songs from 30 years ago, and I listen to BLACKPINK and BTS often. I wonder how they are able to put on such a performance while singing those melodies. I’m especially a fan of BLACKPINK. I go crazy every time they release a new album.”

“However,” he continued, “Now that I’m in my late 40s, it’s hard to find people with whom I can connect and share something. I’ve also drifted apart from the public. It’s upsetting that I’m unable to study [other people’s music] as much as I did before.”

The singer also talked about producing Kim Jae Hwan’s solo debut track. Im Chang Jung explained, “My agency told me that Kim Jae Hwan wanted to receive a song from me for his solo debut. I immediately started writing. I sent him two tracks, and one of them was ‘Begin Again.’ Kim Jae Hwan sent me a recording of him trying out the song, and I doubted my ears when I first heard it, thinking, ‘Is this really a young singer?’ His skills were amazing.”

In August, Kim Jae Hwan appeared on KBS’s “Immortal Songs” for the program’s Im Chang Jung special. He performed “Love Again,” after which he received lots of praise from both the public and Im Chang Jung.

Im Chang Jung said, “The emotion [in Kim Jae Hwan’s singing] isn’t that of a person in their early 20s. He seems to be more experienced than [other people in their 20s]. Kim Jae Hwan’s version of ‘Love Again’ delivered different emotions from mine. The song sounded familiar, yet different. It was amazing to see how the song could be interpreted differently.”

Watch the Im Chang Jung special of “Immortal Songs” with English subtitles below!

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