Watch: SEVENTEEN Celebrates New Team Rings With Heartfelt Messages For One Other

SEVENTEEN have gotten new group rings!

On September 15, SEVENTEEN’s official YouTube channel uploaded a video of the 13 members at their ceremony to receive their new rings.

All the members wear these team rings on their pinky finger, and the rings link the group as a family. The tradition of these rings began before their debut, when their agency CEO gave each of them a customized ring, engraved with “SEVENTEEN” and their names, to officially welcome them to the team. This newest ring marks their fourth, after they changed rings following their album releases in 2016 and 2017.

The clip begins with the members lounging around, when a staff member off-screen calls to Dino. He gets up to receive a tray, and exclaims, “Oh! New rings!” As the members all exchange rings, they take turns having heart-to-hearts with a fellow member.

First up is Dino and S.Coups, and Dino begins by saying, “My S.Coups. First of all, thank you for fulfilling your eventful role as leader so well. In the future, there will surely be both good and bad things that happen, but I hope we are together. These days, I really think a lot that I am thankful for you. Really. I will become someone you can lean on. Thank you, and I hope we can be together for a long, long time. I love you.” S.Coups responds, “What more can I say. You’re doing very well. Thank you for saying all that to me.”

S.Coups presents a new ring to Jeonghan, who shares, “Again, we’re taking off the rings we used to use. The size is just right.” S.Coups tells him, “Just like you are now, I hope you are good to the members. We’re going to keep experiencing new beginnings, so I hope we don’t get tired and continue doing well.” The two get sidetracked in embarrassment, and S.Coups asks, “Don’t you have anything to say to me?” The two continue to laugh as S.Coups says it’s embarrassing because the two are same-age friends.

Jeonghan gets Joshua to trade in his old ring and insists, “Since I’m the one giving you the ring, don’t lose it, and wear it well.” He continues, “Stay strong…and always stay strong. Staying strong is always the most important. Always be happy.” Joshua gives Jun his ring and lovingly tells him, “Thank you for always working so hard. You are a member that our team really needs. I love you, and thank you for always sharing such bright energy.”

Hoshi is busy admiring how lightweight their new ring is when Jun catches him off-guard saying, “Since you always do well, just continue doing that.” Hoshi catches on and tells him, “Okay, you do better too. Always do well.”

Hoshi and Wonwoo share a pinky promise wearing their new rings, and Hoshi shares, “Let’s continue promoting happily for a very long time,” making Wonwoo laugh. Hoshi adds, “I met you in the third year of middle school, and now we’re 24 years old, on our third album, and our fourth ring.”

Wonwoo keeps it short and sweet out of embarrassment when giving Woozi his ring, saying, “Fighting.” Woozi keeps it even shorter, as he gives The8 his ring, pats his back, and walks away. The8 hilariously responds, “I’m touched.” The8 tells Mingyu, “Since we’re all struggling, let’s stay strong together.” The two agree that it’s fascinating that they’re on their 4th ring, and finish off by saying, “Fighting.”

Mingyu and DK discuss the cool design of their ring before DK asks, “Should I leave?” Mingyu insists that it’s embarrassing and asks for permission to leave instead. Despite DK’s efforts to get him to share something, Mingyu gets up anyways.

DK asks for everyone to show Seungkwan lots of love and tells him, “I hope we can enjoyably do well for these upcoming promotions and make lots of good memories. Let’s stay strong for these promotions, think more about how precious it is that we can be together, and make good memories with our fans,” before asking for a hug.

Seungkwan tells Vernon, “Fighting.” When Vernon asks if that’s all he has to say, Seungkwan adds, “You expect more? Please take your vitamins. I don’t want to nag you publicly,” leading the two to quietly bicker. Lastly, Vernon and Dino share a quick handshake to conclude the ceremony.

The members also each share how they felt in an interview. Woozi begins, “It’s already our fourth. Fourth? It’s already our fourth ring and I feel like time is going by so quickly.” Vernon shares, “I always felt since debut that it was special for our whole team to have matching rings like this.” Seungkwan adds, “Giving the rings to the members and sharing our thoughts,” with Joshua continuing, “It’s a ring that symbolizes our members’ teamwork.”

Hoshi shares, “I feel happier to have shared these rings that have so much meaning.” Mingyu comments, “I am so thankful for my members who work hard and are always full of energy and laughing.” Jeonghan adds, “I hope we can continue to get along as well as we do now.” Wonwoo shares, “I can’t believe that we officially have a new album coming out.” The8 adds, “Once again, I feel that as the 13 of us combine, we have a certain energy and strength.” Dino shares, “My attitude officially changes every time we change rings.” Jun comments, “If you think about it differently, it’s like a new beginning, and we want to show everyone a new side.” DK continues, “I thought that I should share even better energy with everyone.”

S.Coups concludes, “After one year and 10 months, we are releasing a new full-length album. Since we still think that we have a long way to go, I will unite with all the members and continue doing well, as we have done up until now. This upcoming promotion, and for all our future promotions, we hope our fans can believe in us and follow us. We will always stay strong. Thank you.”

SEVENTEEN will make their comeback on September 16 with their third full album.

Watch the full video below!

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