Hash Swan Urges BTS Fans + His Fans To Stop Fighting; Asks People To Consider Jungkook's Feelings

Rapper Hash Swan has returned to Instagram to ask both his fans and BTS’s fans to stop fighting.

Earlier this week, Hash Swan became unexpectedly swept up in BTS’s Jungkook’s dating rumors (which have since been denied by Big Hit Entertainment). After a photo surfaced on an online community of a man alleged to be Jungkook hugging a woman from behind, some people began to speculate that the man in the photo was actually Hash Swan. The rapper responded by posting the photo on Instagram and clarifying, “This isn’t me. I’m [saying this] because so many people are asking me about it.”

Shortly afterwards, Hash Swan deleted his post due to multiple requests to remove the photo. He later shared multiple screenshots of people mocking him and his appearance on social media, before ultimately posting a lengthy message asking people to stop harassing him.

On September 18, Hash Swan took to Instagram Live to call for peace between his fans and BTS’s fans. He remarked, “While I did get my feelings hurt during this past incident, I don’t think that this is something fans should be fighting over. I’m fine now. I feel guilty seeing [our] fans fighting amongst themselves. We’ve figured out the situation [regarding the photo], and it’s all over now. Let’s not fight.”

The rapper also stated that he didn’t consider those who had attacked him “true BTS fans.” He explained, “Even though both sides’ fans are fighting, the people who attacked me by sending me DMs and messages weren’t true BTS fans anyway. This is a problem created by a minority of people who aren’t even real BTS fans.”

Asking his followers to consider Jungkook’s feelings, Hash Swan continued, “It’s true that I got hit by a stone out of nowhere when I wasn’t doing anything [a Korean expression describing someone who gets attacked for no reason]. But I’ve also received many apologies for it. I think that BTS’s Jungkook must be just as upset as I am and going through a difficult time as well. But due to the requirements of his job, even if he had something he wanted to say right now, he wouldn’t be able to say it.”

“Idols and rappers are different,” he went on. “It doesn’t matter if I say whatever I want to say and my image is tarnished, but [Jungkook] isn’t free to express himself [like that].”

Hash Swan concluded, “Let’s stop everything. I don’t know if you’re doing this to protect [the artists you support] or because you hate the other artist’s fans, but let’s stop now.”

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