Lee Sang Hwa Describes The Moment She Fell For Kangnam

Lee Sang Hwa recently spoke about her fiancé Kangnam on the latest episode of “Ask Us Anything”!

On the September 21 broadcast of the JTBC variety show, retired speed skater Lee Sang Hwa and former professional golfer Park Se Ri appeared as guests.

After talking about how she had met Kangnam through SBS’s “Law of the Jungle in Last Indian Ocean,” Lee Sang Hwa commented, “He was different when the cameras were rolling and when they weren’t. Off-camera, he was very thoughtful and respectful. He takes care of the people around him, and he’s just really charming.”

She also described the moment she opened her heart to Kangnam, saying, “I was undergoing rehabilitation for my knees last winter. It was at a time when I was considering retiring. There were a lot of ‘Law of the Jungle’ hangouts back then, so when I unloaded all of my troubles, Kangnam responded, ‘Sang Hwa, you’re already a legend, and many people have already gained strength [thanks to you].'”

She continued, “Kangnam said, ‘Just do what you want to do from now on and rest with me.’ At that time, I was already interested in him, but [when he said that] I was so touched.”

After listening to the speed skater’s story, Park Se Ri remarked, “We went to the same jungle but the atmosphere was so different.” She also added, “Lee Sang Hwa and Kangnam were able to meet because of me.”

She explained, “During the filming for ‘Law of the Jungle,’ I was tired because of the tough environment. Suddenly, Kangnam approached me with a serious expression on his face and told me that I’d have to survive by myself in the swamps. We went in the morning that day, and it was extremely dirty and uncomfortable, so I had a hard time. I was furious at the thought of having to go again. I thought that I’d have to go find the PD [producing director], and my face was red because I was so angry. I guess Kangnam could tell, because he told me, ‘Noona, I’m joking.'”

Park Se Ri commented, “As soon as he said that, I pounced. When I was about to throw my fists, I noticed the cameras and stopped.” She joked, “If he had gotten hit that day, I don’t think Sang Hwa could have met Kangnam.”

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