“Camping Club” Directors Share Hopes To Have 2nd Season And Work With Girls’ Generation

JTBC’s “Camping Club” has come to a close after achieving its goal of celebrating the 21st anniversary of Fin.K.L and reuniting the members with their fans.

Following the end of the show, producing directors Ma Gun Young and Jung Seung Il shared a few thoughts. The producers said, “We’ve shared our gratitude with the four Fin.K.L members many times, but as directors who work at broadcast stations, we often don’t get an opportunity [to thank viewers]. We never got to say that it was an honorable experience for us. We felt proud while looking at comments from viewers saying how immersed they were in the program and how they felt many emotions.”

On the September 22 broadcast of “Camping Club,” the four Fin.K.L members reunited on stage, where they performed some of their hit tracks and talked closely with their fans. Regarding the reunion concert, Ma Gun Young and Jung Seung Il shared that they thought it was unlike any other reunion of first generation idols.

The directors commented, “There was a gap between the kind of reunion the public wanted and what happened in reality. The public wanted to see the four Fin.K.L members reuniting for the first time in 14 years and putting on a performance.”

They continued, “If we had planned ‘Camping Club’ while focusing on a reunion concert, the story would have been a lot different than how it actually unfolded. When we began planning for ‘Camping Club,’ instead of focusing on the concert, we focused on whether or not the four members, who had been walking different paths until now, could work together in the process of achieving the vague goal of a concert. In that sense, the public viewed [the program] from a different perspective from the way they saw other first generation idols’ reunions, which made them easily feel as if they were also part of the process.”

When asked if there is a possibility that “Camping Club” will return with a new season, the directors said, “We don’t have anything planned yet. We are only thinking about the director’s cut, which will air next week.” They continued, “There are many options we can consider, and while we haven’t thought about it yet, it would be good if we could do something else with Fin.K.L again.”

The directors also hinted at their hopes to feature Girls’ Generation on a new season of “Camping Club.” They said, “This is our personal opinion, but the members of Girls’ Generation will all be in their 30s next year.” Some members of Girls’ Generation have even stated that they are avid viewers of “Camping Club” through various interviews and social media. The directors responded, “We were so thankful that they watched the show so passionately.”

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