Oh Ji Ho, Ye Ji Won, And Park Se Wan Join Kwak Dong Yeon For Upcoming Weekend Drama

Updated September 25 KST:

Oh Ji Ho, Ye Ji Won, Park Se Wan will be joining Kwak Dong Yeon in MBC’s upcoming weekend drama “Never Twice” (literal translation)!

Oh Ji Ho will take on the role of Gam Poong Gi, who lives in room No. 5 of Paradise Inn. With stunning visuals and a perfect voice, Gam Poong Gi looks slick in any sort of attire and can be humorous when he needs to be. In other words, he has a knack for capturing women’s hearts. He’s also unexpectedly soft and tenderhearted, and he stays positive in any situation.

Ye Ji Won will play Bang Eun Ji from room No. 6, a beautiful woman who looks younger than her age. She even has the aegyo to go with her beauty, but she has never properly dated a man. The character has an honest personality and shows a wide spectrum of emotions.

Park Se Wan will act as Geum Bak Ha, who stays in room No. 4. Hailing from a coastal city, Geum Bak Ha has a sunny disposition. She coincidentally finds Paradise Inn and joins the guests in energetically moving forward into the world.

“Never Twice” will premiere in November after the conclusion of “Golden Garden.”

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Kwak Dong Yeon has been confirmed to lead MBC’s new weekend drama “Never Twice” (literal translation)!

“Never Twice” will tell the refreshing story of the guests at Paradise Inn, located in the heart of Seoul, who shout that there are Never Twices in life. They dream of getting back on their feet by overcoming their failures and pain.

Kwak Dong Yeon will be taking on the role of Na Hae Joon, the heir of a five-star hotel and the head of its strategic planning department. He’s a conceited and cold-hearted character who lacks nothing in terms of education, family background, and style. At the same time, he is a sensitive person filled with self-love, allowing Kwak Dong Yeon to showcase various sides of himself through the character.

Previously, Kwak Dong Yeon received positive reviews for his role as Oh Se Ho in SBS’s “My Strange Hero,” where he skillfully portrayed a character whose outer appearance and inner thoughts were completely different. Viewers are curious to see what kind of transformation he will make in the upcoming weekend drama that has elements of romance and comedy.

“Never Twice” is set to premiere in November.

Catch Kwak Dong Yeon in “My Strange Hero” below!

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