12 K-Pop MVs That Could Easily Pass For Movie Plots

K-pop music videos are some of the most compelling visual creations, and there is no doubt that every penny is well-spent in the making of these aesthetically appealing sets. Some of these productions take it up a notch and add captivating storylines to the bunch. This makes us think for a second that we’re watching a movie instead of a music video clip.

While we’d love to mention every K-pop music video that fits the criteria, here is a non-exhaustive selection of some K-pop songs that introduced film-worthy MV plots!

1. Epik High ft. Crush – “LOVEDRUNK”

Strong emotions are more often than not embedded in Epik High’s MVs, and this one is no exception. IU stars as a martial arts student who fights her master (played by Jin Seo Yeon) for her freedom. However, she realizes that the liberation she longed for only brought her sadness and solitude. While we only got bits of this touching drama with amazing action scenes, we would absolutely enjoy a movie version that explores the relationship between the two characters which led to their fallout.

2. B.A.P – “Skydive”

B.A.P is known for having some of the most elaborate music videos, and this one fits right in. The storyline screams crime, thriller, and mystery throughout the entire 10 minutes. I won’t spoil it for you in case you haven’t watched it yet, but I’m sure that once you do, you’ll agree that we need a full-length screening of this masterpiece! Also, props to B.A.P for their stellar acting!

3. 2NE1 – “Come Back Home”

The post-apocalyptic theme has been a thing in K-pop for awhile, and it always keeps us wanting more! In a futuristic world where people flee their realities to live in a virtual paradise, the quartet play rebels who want to shut it down and bring these lost souls home. We could definitely use an extended version of this epic music video with background stories for each of the four main characters and the reason that brought them together to fight the system.

4. INFINITE – “Back”

INFINITE is another group who delivers promising music videos. In this drama-action setting, the boys are leading a rescue mission and find themselves caught up in intense fight scenes with the enemy. Suspense crowns the plot as we keep wondering whether they will succeed or fail their task. Surely a movie reenacting this story with more details regarding the girl’s identity and what she means to the septet would give us the satisfying ending we’re so desperately looking for!

5. Super Junior – “Black Suit”

This was definitely a breathtaking post-military comeback for Super Junior, and they chose the most glamorous way to portray it: a grand heist midst a high-profile auction. As we closely watch the music video, we’re kept on our toes to understand exactly what happened that led to the commotion scene in the beginning. It goes without saying that we need a more in-depth take on the storyline to really get to the secret behind the black suit and what makes it so valuable and perhaps more flashbacks that introduce each member leading up to the moment where they’ve become a team.

6. MAMAMOO – “Piano Man”

Every concept that MAMAMOO introduces slays our existence, and this one adds to the list! Featuring B1A4’s Gongchan as the “Piano Man,” each of the four sublime ladies are playing a key role in this film noir where they’re trying their best to charm the gentleman who mostly seems confused by the situation. The entire cast exudes undying charm while rocking fabulous fashion styles reminding us of the ’50s. While the story mainly focuses on gaining Gongchan’s attention, maybe a lengthy release would further delve into details and show us that there is more to this than a simple game of seduction.

7. BTS – “I Need U”

Before realizing that everything BTS releases is connected, I’m sure I wasn’t the only one desperately hoping for a proper movie or drama that recaps the tangled storyline they introduced via their multiple music videos. It all started with this one: a classic coming-of-age tale that tackles youth, mischief, love, and so much more. The clips shift between heartwarming moments of friendship and solace and less pleasant moments of loss and trouble. Perhaps, one day we will be rewarded with never-seen-before footage of the boys’ entire videography in chronological order!

8. EXO – “Power”

Music videos are not all about drama and mystery. In fact, we could use a light plot every now and then. This one essentially feels like a Marvel x Star Wars crossover with an abundant amount of comedy. Superpowers, teamwork, and a whole lot of adventure make this EXO clip potential inspiration for a movie, a webtoon, an anime, or even a cartoon series! The boys surely look like they enjoyed bringing this work to life, and we could only ask for more!

9. TWICE – “TT”

If you’re a fan of Halloween movies but happen to be a scaredy cat, you’re in the right place. TWICE always blesses us with the most adorable sets, and not even this theme escaped their cuteness! We could easily imagine this music video as a family-friendly movie that would make the perfect introduction of the holiday to children and even give them an idea or two about Halloween costumes. Besides, the musical part makes it even more approachable!

10. MONSTA X – “Fighter”

While this music video technically serves as the second part to a previous release, the cinematography behind it earned it a spot in this feature. This music video tells a story of hardships, sacrifice, and perseverance. All members but one are seen in a frail state of mind that keeps them broken and confused. Joohoney, who seems to be aware of the situation, manages to release each member from their suffering, and together the seven men fight for survival. This could make an impressive psychological thriller that would keep us pinned to our seats in anticipation!

11. VIXX – “Voodoo Doll”

VIXX is known for dark and twisted concepts, and it just so happens that the music video for “Voodoo Doll” makes the perfect sample for a witchcraft-based film. We don’t know exactly how the boys ended up in such an unfortunate position, but a continuation of the story explaining their relationship with the voodoo witch who’s keeping them captive would be a nice touch. Of course, a proper ending that would save them from their ill fate would be very much appreciated as well!

12. DreamCatcher – “Deja Vu”

Another group that is known for adopting hardcore tropes is DreamCatcher. The group returned this time with a lighter comeback in comparison to their previous tracks, but the fantasy element is strongly present. Just like the title suggests, various scenes of deja vu make up the music video as the girls face and betray one another in hopes of being the last one standing to ascend the throne. This series of back-stabbing rivalry makes for an interesting storyline that deserves to be watched on the big (or small) screen!

Which K-pop music video do you think fits best as a movie plot? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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