Seol In Ah, Kim Jae Young, And More Explain Why “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” Is Not Your Average Weekend Drama

The cast of “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” shared excitement about their drama.

On September 26, a press conference was held for the upcoming KBS 2TV series with Seol In Ah, Kim Jae Young, Jo Yoon Hee, Yoon Park, Oh Min Seok, Kim Mi Sook, Park Young Gyu, Na Young Hee, and producing director (PD) Han Joon Seo in attendance.

“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” tells the life stories of ordinary people who tried to become something but failed to do so, and their process of loving their lives again as they seek small moments of happiness.

KBS weekend dramas have earned a reputation for their explosive storylines and plot twists. PD Han Joon Seo said, “It’s true that weekend dramas have used provocative and exaggerated topics. Our drama is definitely different from past weekend dramas. You might know this if you look at the synopsis, but it’s closer to a story about loving beautifully and breaking up well.”

He continued, “There are melodramatic [moments], conflicts, and incidents. But a difference from weekend dramas would be that interest and love about myself are emphasized a lot. Explosive plot twists and secrets behind a birth, writer Bae Yoo Mi and I aren’t experienced in that, so we’re trying not to show you that if possible since you’ve seen a lot of it.”

Seol In Ah and Kim Jae Young will lead the drama as its main characters. In 2018, Seol In Ah received the Best New Actress Award at the 2018 KBS Drama Awards for her performance in “Sunny Again Tomorrow.” “I was able to appear [in this drama] because the director chose me,” said the actress. “I’m not doing it while aiming for an award. I don’t think I received the award because I did a good job in a weekday drama, but it meant that I improved a lot and that I should improve more. It was a bittersweet award.”

“It’s my first time as a lead in a weekend drama,” began Kim Jae Young. “I think it’s burdensome whether you’re a lead actor or a supporting actor. This drama is about family and it’s my first time having a mom [onscreen]. It’s a lot of responsibility, but I’m enjoying filming. I think a really good drama will come out.” Making everyone laugh, he added, “I always didn’t have a mom.”

Describing his chemistry with his co-star, Kim Jae Young said, “We’re only filming bickering scenes, so we’re having fun. They don’t have any feelings for each other right now, so we’re having fun and playfully filming.” Seol In Ah added, “My partners allows me to concentrate. We’re having fun filming. I don’t think we’ve shown our true appearances yet. We’re joking around and having fun filming.”

Jo Yoon Hee is returning to her first drama in three years after getting married to Lee Dong Gun and giving birth to their firstborn. “I met my husband on a KBS weekend drama [‘Laurel Tree Tailors‘] three years ago and got married,” said the actress. “I got to return to a KBS weekend drama after a long time. I really wanted to come back through a weekend drama, and I luckily got this drama so I’m participating with a joyful mind.”

In “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life,” Jo Yoon Hee will find herself in a love triangle with Oh Min Seok and Yoon Park. About working with the two actors, she stated, “Yoon Park is younger than me, but it seems like he’s older. On the other hand, I have to take care of Oh Min Seok a lot. Both of them have really good chemistry.”

Kim Mi Sook and Park Young Gyu will appear as Seol In Ah and Jo Yoon Hee’s parents. About her character who’s studying for the civil service exam, Seol In Ah said, “She’s someone who has a lot of unspeakable pain. Despite that and being a civil service exam student, she has an unbelievable amount of positive energy. Her dad dislikes her a lot. I thought about what words she might want to hear, and I think they’re simple, warm words like, ‘You can do it’ and ‘Don’t worry.'”

Kim Mi Sook said, “The oldest one is good at her job and the youngest one does well too. The second child seems like she’s not good at studying, doesn’t listen, and is stubborn. She also steals her dad’s food. Her dad has something against her for some reason.”

Park Young Gyu added, “Mi Sook did a good job analyzing that. She’s the oldest of four daughters. I couldn’t really figure it out. I don’t really know, but I’m looking forward to how it will turn out in the end. He could love the second daughter the most out of the three of them.”

When asked about a viewership ratings promise, the PD handed the mic to Kim Mi Sook. “It’s 45 percent,” said the actress. “I’m really looking forward to it. I know that there are fixed viewers for KBS weekend dramas and I’m taking things into consideration. If you look at the details of our drama, you shouldn’t miss the first episode. Writer Bae Yoo Mi writes with speed. You’ll miss out even if you skip one episode. You’ll have to tune in.”

“Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” premieres on September 28 at 7:55 p.m. KST, and will be available on Viki!

In the meantime, check out the trailer with English subtitles below:

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