Don Mills Apologizes For Military Enlistment Evasion Controversy

Don Mills has released an apology.

On September 25, it was revealed that the rapper received a court sentence in May 2018 for intentionally gaining weight in an attempt to avoid active duty military service.

Following a statement from his agency Vismajor Company (VMC), Don Mills also shared his thoughts on Instagram.

The full statement is below:

Hello, this is Don Mills.

First, I sincerely apologize for causing concern with unpleasant news. Since 2013, I delayed my enlistment due to certification exams, overseas trips, and more. I received the draft notice in spring of 2017 and was put in a situation where I had to enlist immediately after three weeks. I wanted to delay my enlistment for the last time to complete my pre-scheduled performances and album but lacked the grounds for postponement.

So I had the wrong idea that it would be possible to delay my enlistment just for the time between reapplying for a physical examination and receiving the re-examination. I thought that it wouldn’t be a problem after enlisting and serving in the military.

I was given a suspended sentence because it was difficult to prove that my weight gain over five years was unintentional, and it became problematic that I had delayed my enlistment several times until then. Because it was true that I had attempted to defer my enlistment due to my personal ambitions for promotions through certification exams, overseas trips, being overweight, and more, I admitted to my wrongdoings.

I desperately wanted more time to promote, but I never thought about not enlisting in the military. Both of my parents worked in the military, so they have pride in military life and always said that I had to serve in the military.

Although I enlisted in the military with embarrassment after an unfortunate incident, I felt such pride about working hard in the military that I walked around wearing my combat uniform during my first break of three nights and four days. I feel proud as a South Korean soldier and am carrying out my military duties so that I won’t be an embarrassment to myself and my fellow soldiers.

While preparing for the trial in 2017, I realized once again that many young people in our country stop their plans for their lives, dreams, studies, and more to fulfill their duties to the military and that the military service is a duty and not a right.

I’m very sorry for causing concern to many people due to my careless thoughts, actions, and wrong decision. And I’m also sincerely apologetic to the soldiers of the Korean armed forces. And, of course, I will reflect on myself while faithfully serving in the military until the end. I apologize.

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