Chill, Fun, Or Just Plain Lit: 13 Zico Collabs That Are Straight Up Bops

Rapper, songwriter, singer, producer, leader… Block B’s Zico has many titles, which is no surprise given that he’s a man of many talents. As an idol who still maintains high regard in the Korean hip hop scene, Zico has worked across multiple genres with a long list of artists outside of his own group. Whether producing music for shows, working with his R&B/hip-hop crew FANXY CHILD, or collaborating with other talented singers and rappers, Zico sounds great with a variety of different artists and turns any song he touches into an instant bop. Ready to hear some of our very favorite Zico collabs? Here we go! (or shall we say, “Z-i-co!”)

1. “Daredevil” with Jvcki Wai and YUMDDA

We might as well start off with Zico’s latest track “Daredevil,” which marks a new beginning for the rapper after starting his own label, KOZ Entertainment. Others may call him a daredevil, but the song’s whimsically carefree vibe belies Zico’s fearless attitude. And, true to KOZ’s mission of helping other artists shine, this inaugural track features two talented yet under-appreciated rappers.

2. “Okey Dokey” with WINNER’s Song Mino

Zico produced “Okey Dokey” for “Show Me the Money 4,” and as we would expect from a Zico/Mino collab, the song’s verses are as lit as its chorus is catchy. (Like seriously catchy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!) Also, one could probably watch this music video all day and it would still never cease to be funny. Anyway, if you haven’t checked it out, you’re majorly missing out. Okey dokey?

My brain on “Okey Dokey.”

3. “Bermuda Triangle” with Crush and Dean

“Bermuda Triangle” is a masterpiece, and Zico, Crush, and Dean are a trifecta of talent that’s almost too much to handle. The three are each other’s perfect complements as the track transitions among aggressive raps and strong R&B moments. The song is lyrically boastful, but we’d say these three have more than earned their bragging rights.

4. “Boys And Girls” with Babylon

Playful and breezy, “Boys And Girls” is a breath of fresh air that reminds us to have fun, live it up, and flirt a little along the way. Of course, not all of us can do it in quite the style that Zico and Babylon do, but watching their bougie golfing, poolside chilling, and yacht partying is almost as good as doing all those things ourselves, right?

5. “Turtle Ship Remix” with Paloalto, G2, B-Free, and Okasian

Zico produced “Turtle Ship” for “Show Me the Money 4,” but didn’t feature on the track until this remix dropped. He used traditional-sounding Asian beats on the song’s undertones for a uniquely lit vibe that is befitting of its title: the turtle ship was a type of Korean battleship used during the Joseon Dynasty. Before you take a listen, just be warned that this one contains some explicit language!

6. “Eureka” with Zion.T

Zion.T lends his legendary smooth vocals to “Eureka,” and the result is a jazzy, sizzling track that has been stuck in our heads since 2015 — and that is almost too sexy for its own good. But what else would we expect from these two?

7. “Anti” with G.Soul

G.Soul handles the hook of “Anti,” which is Zico’s commentary on fame — told from the perspective of an anti-fan. The track teases out all the negativities that are leveled at Zico and others in the public eye, getting inside the jealous, unforgiving, and ceaselessly demanding mind of an anti. The song’s intensity is matched by its MV, which reads cinematically like a fantasy horror film and is rife with symbolism.

8. “Osaka” with Elo

Laidback and a little sultry, Elo’s “Osaka” is a lilting track that gets an extra kick from Zico’s rap verse (and his vocals, yay!). It’s definitely one of the most under-appreciated songs on this list, so go ahead and take a listen!

9. “Y” with FANXY CHILD

Hip hop/R&B crew FANXY CHILD is comprised of Crush, Dean, Penomeco, Millic, Stay Tuned, and of course, Zico. Their versatility as a group is obvious in “Y,” which breaks from the characteristically lit vibe that the guys are more familiar with to deliver richly wistful emotions. The song also allows Zico to showcase his own versatility as he flexes his talent as a vocalist, tying the song together with a gorgeously sung chorus.

10. “Oasis” with Crush

“Oasis” is a vibe that just doesn’t get old. It’s easy-listening through and through, but Zico’s rap keeps it fresh — as does the surprise Zion.T appearance in the last chorus! (And, at the risk of making this a very Crush-heavy list, “Cereal” is also well worth a listen.)

11. “Red Sun” with Hangzoo and Swings

Don’t let its dramatic classical piano opening fool you: “Red Sun” quickly breaks down into a flat-out aggressive track as the rappers let loose, but it maintains some more delicate notes in the pre-chorus. Zico produced this bop for “Show Me the Money 6.”

12. “SoulMate” with IU

You knew this one was going to be here. Zico gets a little soft and fluffy with vocal queen IU in “SoulMate,” and we love the way their voices blend! But it’s no surprise, considering he wrote and produced the song. Bonus points for Crush’s cameo in the MV:

13. “Fanxy Child” with FANXY CHILD

“Fanxy Child (feat. FANXY CHILD)” — even the title doesn’t mince words, and the track is just as straightforward, while being undeniably a bop: lyrical proclamations like “I don’t like your fashion style” will be on repeat in your head after one listen. Simple, catchy, and to-the-point. It’s pure fun!

Hey Soompiers, which of these songs is your fave? Are there any other Zico collabs you love? Let us know in the comments!

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