Close Friends Lee Min Jung And Oh Yoon Ah In Talks To Star In New KBS Drama Together

Lee Min Jung and Oh Yoon Ah may be starring together in a new KBS weekend drama!

On October 4, both actresses’ agencies confirmed that they were in talks to appear in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “I’ve Returned After One Marriage” (working title). The drama will tell the story of a messy divorce that shakes up the Song family, which consists of a miserly father, a cute but materialistic mother, and their four grown children.

After it was reported that the two actresses would be starring in the upcoming drama as sisters, Lee Min Jung’s agency clarified, “[Lee Min Jung] has received a casting offer for the drama and is just now in the process of reviewing the offer.”

Oh Yoon Ah’s agency similarly stated, “[Oh Yoon Ah] is currently in the midst of considering the drama for her next project with a favorable outlook.”

Should both actresses accept their offers, Lee Min Jung and Oh Yoon Ah—who are known to be close friends in real life—will reportedly be playing sisters in the weekend drama. Oh Yoon Ah is said to have been offered the role of Song Ga Hee, a beautiful former flight attendant who returns home with her son after her divorce, while Lee Min Jung has been offered the role of Song Na Hee, her highly intelligent and ambitious younger sister. A pediatrician who was always at the top of her class in school, Song Na Hee has a lot of love for herself but little affection and consideration for others.

Chun Ho Jin, Lee Jung Eun, and Oh Dae Hwan are also in talks to appear in the drama.

“I’ve Returned After One Marriage” will be helmed by Lee Jae Sang, the producing director (PD) behind “Father is Strange,” and written by Yang Hee Seung, who recently wrote the hit drama “Familiar Wife.” The drama is scheduled to premiere in March of next year, following the conclusion of “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life.”

Check out the latest episode of “Beautiful Love Wonderful Life” with English subtitles below!

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