“Melting Me Softly” Reveals Updated Relationship Chart After Ji Chang Wook And Won Jin Ah’s 20-Year Freeze

After revealing the relationship chart of its characters in 1999, “Melting Me Softly” has shared an updated chart for the characters in 2019!

“Melting Me Softly” is a new drama from tvN about a variety show producer (Ji Chang Wook) and a part-time employee (Won Jin Ah) who participate in a project to be frozen for 24 hours. Due to a mysterious scheme, they end up being frozen for 20 years instead.

In 1999, Ma Dong Chan (Ji Chang Wook) was dating announcer Na Ha Young (Chae Seo Jin) and working with Kim Hong Suk (Jung Hae Kyun) and Son Hyun Gi (Lee Hong Ki). 20 years later, he has an ambiguous relationship with his former girlfriend (now played by Yoon Se Ah).

He also has a complicated relationship with Kim Hong Suk and Son Hyun Gi (now played by Im Won Hee), who were formerly his colleagues at the variety department. Now both have risen to higher positions, throwing a wrench into their former senior-junior relationships.

Go Mi Ran (Won Jin Ah)’s case is even more complicated: while she was frozen, her boyfriend in 1999, Hwang Byung Shim (B1A4’s Baro/Shim Hyung Tak), married her best friend Oh Young Sun (Seo Jeong Yeon). The 2019 relationship chart hints that Go Mi Ran might be starting something new with their son, Hwang Ji Hoon (Golden Child’s Bomin).

Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran’s relationship remains as teasing as ever, hovering between love and “people in the same boat.”

Meanwhile, the people at the cryogenics lab have also been aged up, suggesting that they will have a bigger role to play as the lead characters uncover what happened to them and why.

Check out the latest episode of “Melting Me Softly” below!

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