Epic Action And Powerful Emotions: Lee Seung Gi’s Best Scenes From “Vagabond”

Who’s obsessed with “Vagabond” these days? The SBS drama has enough suspense and fast-paced action to keep us on the edge of our seats every episode, and that’s largely thanks to the incredible acting talent of Lee Seung Gi. He’s crushing it in his role as Cha Dal Gun: he’s broken our hearts with his tears, melted us with his cuteness, and impressed us with a never-ending slew of action sequences. Dal Gun is a bit hot-headed and doesn’t always think before he jumps off of buildings or into car chases, but we know he’s secretly a softy, and we love watching Lee Seung Gi bring this character to life. Want to re-live Lee Seung Gi’s acting brilliance once more? Here are his 10 best scenes from the first half of “Vagabond”!

Warning: spoilers for “Vagabond” Episodes 1-8 below.

1. When he was the cutest uncle

Dal Gun is the best uncle to his nephew Hoon (Moon Woo Jin), and the scenes of Dal Gun training Hoon and cheering him on, from his first days of taekwondo to his black belt, are so cute we can’t handle it. Lee Seung Gi plus kids is always a win.

2. When tragedy struck

Who else felt their heart drop into their stomach in this scene? When Dal Gun overhears the news that the plane Hoon was on has crashed, leaving no survivors, the range of shock and devastation on Lee Seung Gi’s face absolutely wrecked us.

3. This crazy car chase

Usually a car chase involves one car chasing another, but this one involves Dal Gun chasing a car, from a rooftop, which he then launches himself off of in order to catch said car.

Good thing he’s a practiced stuntman, because otherwise that would have hurt. Actually, it probably still did.

4. When he and Hoon bonded

Flashback to when Dal Gun first took Hoon in, and we get a scene so tender and cute that it melted our hearts — and also made us tear up, because at this point we already know Hoon’s fate.

5. When he casually confronted the bad guys

We could fill a whole article with pictures of Dal Gun emerging from car crashes looking cool (and only marginally scathed), but this one is too good to pass up.

After successfully surviving a car accident orchestrated by the assassin that the baddies at John & Mark hired, Dal Gun rolls up to face the evil Jessica (Moon Jung Hee) in the most badass way we could imagine:

6. When he let his cute side show

Lee Seung Gi plays the tough guy for most of “Vagabond,” but this just makes Dal Gun’s moments of softness all the more precious. Go Hae Ri (Suzy) knows how to put an adorable smile on his face, and this one was just too cute:

7. But still dealt with his sadness

With scenes like this one where Dal Gun breaks down after finding a pair of Hoon’s socks lying around, “Vagabond” keeps reminding us that Dal Gun is going through incredible pain and loss — and Lee Seung Gi’s tears never fail to make us cry with him.

8. When he broke into the Blue House

Nothing was going to stop Dal Gun from meeting the president, and that includes all the security guards at the obstacle course that is the Blue House. Can we talk about how masterfully Lee Seung Gi pulled off these action scenes?

9. His reaction to Hae Ri’s kiss

Hae Ri’s habit of drunkenly kissing the men in her life may land her in trouble, but we’re thankful for it anyway. What made this scene so intense was its emotional subtleness: from Dal Gun’s nervous confusion before…

to his contemplative uncertainty after, the subtle changes in Lee Seung Gi’s expressions made for the perfect kiss scene.

10. This long-awaited meeting

After some more casual parkour, Dal Gun finally comes face to face with the man everyone has been searching for: the co-pilot who helped crash the plane. The intensity in Lee Seung Gi’s eyes and his cold smirk gave us shivers and made for a moment of incredible, chilling suspense and satisfaction.

Bonus: This outfit (and hair)

Because Dal Gun, noooo… but also Dal Gun, yes? I’m confused.

Bonus No. 2: This not-outfit

If you were worried we would forget this scene… well, here you go!

Hey Soompiers, are you watching “Vagabond”? Which are your favorite Lee Seung Gi moments? Blonde mullet: yes, or no? Let us know in the comments!

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