Jung Yu Mi Talks About How She Portrayed Her Multifaceted Character In “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982”

Jung Yu Mi shared her thoughts on her character Kim Ji Young in the upcoming film “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982”!

Based on the best-selling novel of the same name, “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” will tell the life story of an ordinary woman in her thirties named Kim Ji Young (Jung Yu Mi). The film will also star Gong Yoo as Kim Ji Young’s husband Jung Dae Hyun.

During the interview, Jung Yu Mi shared her thoughts about having seen the film. She shared, “I’m thankful and relieved that the film contains the same feeling [I received] after looking at the scenario.”

Jung Yu Mi also talked about taking on the role of Kim Ji Young despite the backlash and controversy surrounding the film. She shared, “I learned about the original novel after I read the scenario. I wondered why there was controversy. Since there are various perspectives, I want to try to understand. There are also people who read [the novel] differently. I don’t think the controversy is everything.”

The actress also shared, “Ji Young is a universal character. I thought that I needed to show [her] exactly as she is in the scenario. The director said that they wanted to tell the story of, ‘Where am I? What am I doing? First, I need to look back on myself and whether I’m okay.’ I also thought the same. Although the life I’ve lead is different from Kim Ji Young’s, the film’s story of a woman raising a child and having to stop working due to marriage isn’t just Kim Ji Young’s story.”

When asked about how she portrayed the scenes in which she transforms into other people, Jung Yu Mi said, “Ji Young becomes various characters. It’s not that I didn’t contemplate various tones. Rather than the feeling of becoming someone else, I focused on delivering the emotion well. When she suddenly becomes a grandma, a friend, or a mom, it would be laughable if her voice changes, and I determined that this would destroy the flow of the story.”

Jung Yu Mi touched upon the topic of her own family as well. She said that each time she’s selected for a new project, she wants to do a perfect job of it, immersing herself completely in her work while forgetting her family. Jung Yu Mi said, “I’m an inattentive daughter. I thought a lot about my mom, grandma, and family members while filming. Ji Young is a daughter who understands their feelings with all her heart. I wondered if it was okay for an inattentive person like me to [tell] such a story. I want to show my family this film, but I also feel very sorry on one hand. So while watching the film during the preview screening, my heart felt fuzzy.”

Finally, the actress shared her final thoughts on the film. She said, “Our film isn’t to represent one side. It’s very universal, and it’s a story that a friend, a mother, or someone close by has experienced or is currently experiencing. I hope [viewers] can simply sit and watch while naturally relating to the various emotions that appear.”

“Kim Ji Young, Born 1982” will premiere on October 23. In the meantime, check out a teaser for the film here!

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