B.A.P’s Daehyun Candidly Describes How It Feels To Go From Group To Solo Promotions

Daehyun of B.A.P talked about adjusting to life as a solo artist.

In the latest episode of his “Aight” reality series, Daehyun went on a camping trip with Boys Republic’s Onejunn. Daehyun explained that they’d be going to a fun place and that since it’d be hard to do it on his own, he’d recruited Onejunn to come along as a guest. The pair went shopping for groceries together and joked around, showing their chemistry as best friends.

On their way to the camping site, Daehyun and Onejunn talked about what it was like to promote with their groups in the past.

Onejunn mentioned that he’d gone to see a B.A.P concert soon after his debut and said, “I was amazed, since we hadn’t done a concert like that then.” When asked to describe B.A.P, he said they were a group that released cool music.

Daehyun replied, “It feels like it was a dream if I think about it now. In a way, I was living in a dream since it was almost like what I’d dreamed about. After living in a dream, I’m currently having to accept reality. But it’s really difficult.”

He continued, “Particularly when I’m standing in front of the public, in front of fans, I don’t know whether I should act like I did when I was living in a dream or if I should show my real self now.”

“When I was with the group, we were able to help each other and give each other feedback,” he said. “Now I feel like I’ve lost a fence.”

Watch Daehyun and Onejunn’s trip below:

Daehyun made a solo comeback on October 11 with his new single “Aight.”

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