HaHa Celebrates Byul’s Birthday With Loving Instagram Post

HaHa shared a heartfelt post for Byul’s birthday.

On October 23, HaHa uploaded photos of Byul holding a plate of macarons with a candle on top.

He wrote, “Go Eun [Byul’s real name]! Happy birthday! You work so hard… I have nothing to say… I’ll repay you as I live! Thank you so much and I love you! And… today is the 100th day since the birth of our youngest child Song Yi so congratulations even more! In addition, congratulations on starting your ‘Shining Byul Tube’ YouTube channel! I hope you get to talk about whatever you wanted to say on ‘Shining Byul Tube’! I’ll appear on it too! Anyway, happy birthday once again! It’s a really joyful feeling to be doing something! Haha! I’ll soon follow you to YouTube! Ya man!”

He concluded with hashtags, “Happy birthday,” “Kim Go Eun,” “Byul,” “Shining Byul Tube,” “Be successful ‘Shining Byul Tube,'” and “Ya man.”

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고은아!! 생일 축하한다!! ?❤️? 넘넘 고생 많어..ㅠㅠ 할말이 읎다.. 살면서 갚을게!! 너무 고맙고 사랑해!! 쉬바!! 휘바.. 그리고..^.~ 오늘은 우리 막내 송이의 백일이기도해서 더욱 축하해!! 더불어~ #별이빛나는튜브 유투브 시작한것도 너무 축하해!! #별이빛나는튜브 에서 고은이가 그간 하고 싶었던 뭐든걸 이야기했음해!! 나도 나갈게!! 여튼 생일 다시한번 축하해!! 뭔가를 한다는건 참으로 기분 좋은일이야!! 크하하하하하하하하 나도 유투브 곧 따라갈게!! 야만!! #생일축하 #김고은 #별 #별이빛나는튜브 #별이빛나는튜브 #대박이나라!! #야만

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