11 Underrated Songs By Disbanded K-Pop Groups

Let’s face it, your faves announcing their disbandment is never fun. Neither is finding some kickass group, only to read the comments and see “Such a shame they broke up!” But, just because these groups are no longer promoting doesn’t mean they don’t have an amazing back catalog. Check out these underrated songs by disbanded groups below!

1. PRISTIN – “Aloha”

PRISTIN is one of the newest disbanded groups in this list, disbanding in 2019. “Aloha” is a cute, summery tune that really makes you wish we would get more PRISTIN content! Their three-year run was short, but sweet, and they released so many amazing songs!

2. MADTOWN – “Get Out”

MADTOWN’s debut in 2014 was so promising! Their hip-hop style mixed with catchy choruses was a winning combo! However, their disbandment in 2016 brought an end to their promotions. “Get Out” showcases MADTOWN’s style perfectly and only makes us wish they were still around!

3. Secret – “Calling U”

Secret had the most charming concept. Their retro, but cute style was refreshing to see. “Calling U” was released in 2012, but it wouldn’t be out of place among girl groups today. Their charming voices are certainly missed.

4. miss A – “Love Song”

miss A was definitely not short of fans, but the group disbanded in 2017. They may be known for “Hush,” but “Love Song” deserves so much more attention. The irresistible beat of the chorus complements their bewitching voices completely.

5. C-Clown – “Solo”

“SOLO” was released seven years ago now, but it still goes just as hard. If you want to reminisce about 2012 K-pop, make sure you check out C-Clown!

6. B.A.P – “Bang X2”

B.A.P was one of those consistently good groups. Every single was amazing, and every album was incredible. But, “Bang X2” is slightly different from their normal sound. This rocky track is complete with guitar riffs and Daehyun’s insane vocals.

7. LedT – “Someone Met By Chance”

LedT (formerly Led Apple) was such an interesting group, consisting of musicians and amazing vocals. “Someone Met by Chance” has a sci-fi, futuristic music video and a band-led beat that makes LedT an unmissable group.

8. SPICA – “Secret Time”

SPICA is one of those girl groups who had so, so much potential. They had the killer vocals, the beauty, and the talent, so when they disbanded in 2017, it was such a disappointment for fans. “Secret Time” proves they had the whole package and the quirky, colorful music video is sure to make you wanna dance.

9. SISTAR – “Yeah Yeah”

SISTAR was the queen of Summer anthems, and “Yeah Yeah” could be played at every pool party. Their on-point vocals and sunshine vibes will warm you up this winter. Each of their releases was iconic, and their disbandment has definitely left a gap in K-pop!

10.HISTORY – “Liar”

HISTORY was known for their sexy or darker concepts, but “Liar” shows their versatility entirely. Their softer approach and smooth voices make this track a must-listen.

11. 2NE1 – “Baby I Miss You”

2NE1 was, and still is, an icon. “Baby I Miss You” speaks for itself. This song is everything and perfect in every way. I’m sure Blackjacks dedicate this song to 2NE1, whom we definitely miss!

There are so many groups that definitely disbanded too early and had some killer tunes, and there are so many more tracks that could be added to this list!

Let us know your favorite disbanded group and song in the comments below!

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