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Multi-talented triple threat Lee Seung Gi returned to Singapore last Saturday night for his Asia fan meeting tour, “Vagabond Voyage.” The title is a reference to his currently airing action drama, “Vagabond,” in which he plays a stunt actor. During the fan meeting, Lee Seung Gi also likened himself to a wanderer, going around to meet his fans.

This fan meeting tour marks the artist’s 15th year in the entertainment industry. Throughout the night, he commanded the stage with the maturity and ease of a seasoned entertainer. His singing, acting, and variety skills were all put on full display at the fan meeting.

Lee Seung Gi kicked things off by serenading fans with a passionate performance of one of his early hits, “Because You’re My Woman.” Clad in a spiffy white suit, he looked every bit the prince charming on a white horse.

The first part of the fan meeting was a talk segment where Lee Seung Gi talked about his recent projects and gave updates on his life. On his pet dog Perro, he exclaimed that Perro is more popular than him. He received so many gifts for Perro that he hoped he won’t receive any more gifts for Perro because he will have to move to a bigger house just to store all of them.

As for “Vagabond,” though the filming completed a year ago, the memories of filming are still vivid in his mind. The filming in Morocco was particularly memorable as fans in Morocco actually got together to prepare snacks and drinks for him and his crew. It impressed even the location manager, who had worked on Matt Damon’s “Bourne” series which was also filmed in Morocco. He wondered who Lee Seung Gi was to receive this kind of treatment and treated him differently after that.

Lee Seung Gi added that since the projects he did were in Korean, the puns and storylines were infused with Korean culture so he was surprised and amazed that he had fans from all around the world who were able to understand them.

The next part of the talk segment highlighted some fun moments about Lee Seung Gi on his variety show “Master in the House.” Since he showed his outstanding basketball skills by scoring goals on the show, he was tasked with throwing a mini basketball through a hoop 10 times in order for fans to win his autographed posters. It was not an easy feat even for Mr. All-Rounder himself. Nevertheless, he managed to complete the task (with some help).

Moving on to “Vagabond,” Lee Seung Gi commented that “Vagabond” was a strenuous drama to film as there were many action scenes. His favourite scene from the episodes that had been aired so far was the chasing scene in the first episode. The scariest scene to film was a scene where he had to break the glass. Even though it was sugar glass, he was still afraid that the shards would scratch his face because he has to preserve his face. He joked that he was not scared of possible injuries but was scared that his face would be scarred!

A clip of his kiss scene with Suzy on “Vagabond” was also played on screen, much to the crowd’s delight. When asked what filming a kiss scene was like, he explained, “It’s different from kissing in real life. It has to be simple and graceful so there’s not many feelings involved.”

The second segment of the fan meeting included more interactive activities with fans. First up was a live cooking segment for fans. Fans have seen Lee Seung Gi show off his culinary skills on various variety shows over the years but it’s not often they get to see him live in action. His Korean style toast looked absolutely delicious, although it was slightly salty according to the emcee. One of the best moments of the night was when it was revealed that the lucky fan who was chosen to receive his toast was actually proposed to by her husband with Lee Seung Gi’s help at his fan meeting years ago. They are married with a son now! The entire room said “Aww” when both husband and wife took a photo with Lee Seung Gi on stage.

After a fun round of group games with his fans, Lee Seung Gi slowed things down with a sentimental performance of “Return.” Even though he said that he was nervous about singing, everyone was blown away by his heart-wrenching performance of “Delete.” It was a reminder that actor and entertainer Lee Seung Gi actually debuted as a singer. He expressed his desire to sing more and hinted for fans to wait a little longer, perhaps for his comeback as a singer.

He wrapped up the fan meeting with energetic and crowd-pleasing performances of “Smile Boy” and “Let’s Go On Vacation” that got the crowd dancing and sing along, reluctant to end the night.

Lee Seung Gi will be heading to Kuala Lumpur next for the final stop of his fan meeting tour.

Special thanks to IMC Live Global for the invitation and photos!

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