“Queendom” Artists Share How They Feel After Finale

The “Queendom” contestants shared their thoughts after the finale!

On the October 31 live finale of Mnet’s “Queendom,” MAMAMOO came in first, and this means they’ve won the opportunity to hold their own comeback show on the network. The next day, MAMAMOO expressed their gratitude towards their fans MooMoo, the staff, and more after their win through an interview with the press.

Solar said, “There were so many people who worked hard during ‘Queendom’ and I wanted to tell them that they really did a good job. Also, to our MooMoo who were the most anxious while doing this together with us! I’m really grateful and I think this award is one that we all achieved through our efforts. Thank you.”

Moonbyul also shared how thankful she is for their fans, adding that they make up for what the group lacks. “We were able to come this far because MooMoos were with us,” she said. “Also, I liked that I was able to learn a lot while doing ‘Queendom’ and I think that all of the six teams are No. 1.”

Wheein thanked everyone for showing so much interest and love. “I think it’s been a meaningful time for us because you’ve been a great help for the path that MAMAMOO will be taking in the future,” she said. Wheein also expressed her love for everyone who worked hard to make it happen as well as her fellow members.

Hwasa said, “I couldn’t even have predicted that we’d come in first and I really never imagined that I’d cry, so I was so surprised in that moment. I’m very grateful to many people but it seems that I went through a lot emotionally during that time.” She said that as she hadn’t been able to express her gratitude fully in the live finale, she wanted to use the opportunity to say how thankful she is. “I also send so much thanks and love to our MooMoo,” she added.

Oh My Girl also talked about how they feel after “Queendom.” The group told news outlets, “We learned a lot and felt a lot, and we want to say that it was an honor to take part in ‘Queendom.’ The time we spent together as the six teams was very precious and we’re grateful for it.”

The group went on to say, “Things we’ll remember for a long time are the time we spent preparing for each performance on ‘Queendom’ and how touched we were every time we went up on stage.”

Oh My Girl continued by saying to their fans Miracle, “We really love you and Miracle is the best.” They added, “As many people supported us, we’re going to feel a greater responsibility and keep improving.”

Park Bom shared a photo on her Instagram with the caption, “Hello everyone. My song came out through the program ‘Queendom’… did you all see the performance yesterday?? I had a lot of thoughts last night after finishing my last performance on ‘Queendom.’ The song is called ‘Wanna Go Back.’ Please enjoy listening.”

(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon shared photos from the group’s post-finale meal and more. She wrote, “‘Queendom’ is finally over! Did you all enjoy the ‘Lion’ performance? It was a really fun performance thanks to our fans Neverland who support us. And it was a time when we were really able to improve. Thanks to Neverland, creating performances and writing songs never seems tiring. I love you, Neverland.” She went on to express her love and gratitude for the many staff who helped them with their performances and their Cube Entertainment family members.

“Also, our (G)I-DLE!” she said. “(G)I-DLE, you’re my confidence, my muse, my treasure. Thank you so much for always believing in me and making the songs I write so cool. Let’s keep loving each other like this for the rest of our lives. Everyone worked hard!!!”

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[#소연] 드디어 퀸덤 끝! 여러분 라이언 무대 잘 봤어요?ㅎㅎ 응원해주는 우리 네버랜드 덕에 너무 즐거운 무대였어요 그리고 많이 성장할 수 있었던 시간이었습니다ㅎ 네버랜드 덕에 무대를 만들고 곡 쓰는게 절대 힘든 일이 될 수 없는 것 같아요 네버랜드 사랑해요♡ 그리고 저의 그저 그런 밑그림을 멋지게 실현시켜 주시는 우리 세환단장님 현진쌤 스타시스템 언니동생들 진주언니 다은언니 혜림언니 아름쌤 은솔언니 진이쌤 한별언니 또 큐브 식구들 너무 사랑하고 감사합니다 그리고 우리 아이들! 아이들은 내 자신감 뮤즈 보물이야 항상 믿어주고 내가 쓴 곡을 멋지게 만들어 줘서 너무 고마워 우리 평생 이렇게 사랑하자♡ 모두모두 고생하셨습니다!!!

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Minnie also took to Instagram to share her thoughts. “The fact that I could stand on the same stage as so many seniors that I respect through ‘Queendom’ was in itself an honor, but it’s unbelievable that I was able to get closer with them while filming and it was such a great experience.” She went on to thank the show’s staff, their team of stylists, and dancers.

“Thank you for allowing me to meet such great people,” she wrote. “It was a happy and precious time.”

She went on to say, “As someone who is afraid of the stage, I came to be less nervous bit by bit and learned how to enjoy doing a performance. I learned a lot while preparing the performances and found various sides of myself, so it was so amazing and new. We were able to improve through this opportunity and it was a great experience and gift for me. To the Neverland who cheered us on from the start to the end! I’m so grateful and love you so much. We’re going to be cooler and improve more in the future. Please watch over us!”

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[#민니] 퀸덤이라는 프로그램을 통해서 존경하는 많은 선배님들과 함께 같은 무대에 설 수 있다는 것만으로도 영광스러운데, 촬영하면서 더 친해질 기회가 생겼다는게 믿기지 않고 정말 좋은 경험이었어요. 몇달동안 카메라 뒤에서 같이 고생해주신 우리 피디님 작가님 모든 스텝분들께 너무 감사드리고 저희를 예쁘게 만들어주신 헤메스 실장님 언니들 너무 감사하고 사랑합니다! 그리고 무대를 열심히 채워주신 우리 안무팀! 정말 멋졌어요! 한분이라도 빠졌으면 저희 이렇게 좋은 무대 만들 수 없었습니다. 모두 고생많으셨습니다~ 좋은 분들을 만나게 해주셔서 감사합니다,, 너무 행복하고 소중한 시간이었어요. 무대를 두렵고 무서워하던 제가 조금씩 긴장을 덜 하게되고 무대를 즐기는 법을 알게됐어요. 무대 준비하면서 많은 것을 배웠고 다양한 나의 모습을 찾아가는 것 같아서 너무 신기하고 새로웠어요. 이런 기회가 있어서 우리는 조금씩 성장할 수 있고, 저한테는 정말 좋은 경험이고 좋은 선물이었어요. 처음부터 끝까지 응원해주신 우리 네버랜드! 정말 더 이상 말할 수 없을 만큼 고맙고 사랑해요. 앞으로 더 멋지고 성장하는 아이들이 되도록 하겠습니다~ 지켜봐주세요! ps. 우리 아아도 잊지말아주세요~♡

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Lovelyz’s official Twitter shared photos from backstage with a message of love for their fans for giving them strength.

Lovelyz’s Yein wrote on Instagram, “I felt a lot of things while doing ‘Queendom.’ I’m so grateful for each and every one of the precious hearts of Lovelinus who said we are the best and cheered for us. You worked hard, Lovelyz. Thank you, Lovelinus.”

Jisoo wrote, “Lovelyz and Lovelinus, you worked hard. In the future, we’re going to work hard so that you only hear good things. Please watch over us. Thank you for protecting Lovelyz. I love you.”

Sujeong said, “Thanks to Lovelinus, we were able to have so much fun while showing new sides of us. You know that I’m always grateful and love you, right?” She went on to thank their dancers and staff.

Jiae shared an entry in which she began by thanking the team for their “Moonlight” performance in the finale.

She went on to say, “2019.11.01. Yesterday? Should I say it was today? Anyway! ‘Queendom’ is over. At our first ‘Queendom’ meeting, I thought it would be a really long time until October 31, but it went by in the blink of an eye. I think that’s because everyone we worked with was so great. It was a really meaningful three months in which Lovelyz, who had no friends, gained many friends and came to know great people too. The thing I’m the most certain about is that in the short time, Lovelyz really did our best and I really, really liked it! The six teams and the ‘Queendom’ production team, you all worked hard. Please love Lovelyz a lot.”

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럽리문라잇팀 짧았던 시간 내에 최선을 다해줘서 넘고맙구 그만큼 너무 즐거웠어요♡ 맨발로 힘들었을텐데 힘든티안내고 우리걱정 해준 칭구,동생들♡.♡ 파이널 이라 더 기억에 남을꺼 같아♡ 2019.11.01 어제?아니오늘이라해야하나? 여튼! 퀸덤이 끝났다. 처음 퀸덤미팅때 10월31일까지? 엄청 긴시간이라 생각했는데 눈깜짝할사이에 지나갔다. 다 좋은 사람들과 함께해서 그런것같다. 정말 친구가 없던 러블리즈에게 인싸라는 타이틀과 좋은사람들도 알게해준 3개월이 정말 뜻깊었다ㅎㅎ 가장 확실한건 짧은 시간내에 우리러블리즈 정말 최선을 다했고 내가 마니마니 조아한다는거! 6팀 선배님들 후배님들 ,퀸덤 제작진분들 모두 고생하셨습니당 러블리즈가 마니 사랑해요. -러블리너스를 가장 사랑하는 러블리즈 멤버들 중 지애 의 일기 끝-

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AOA’s Chanmi shared a photo from backstage with the caption, “‘Queendom’ is over. Everyone, you worked hard.”

Yuna posted a similar photo with the caption, “#Queendom. Thank you to everyone who helped. Thank you also to Elvis. Let’s meet again soon.”

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퀸덤끝 모두 고생하셨습니다+

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Hyejeong wrote, “Everyone, you worked hard!! All the fans who came out today! Elvis! All the people who voted, thank you so much. The photo is something I took a capture of from Twitter, is that okay? I’m taking it to share.”

Jimin posted a photo of herself and wrote, “sorry, ace of queendom” and shared another post from the show with the caption, “Final!”

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sorry, ace of queendom.

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Final!! ?????

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Seolhyun also posted a photo in her Instagram story from backstage and wrote, “Everyone worked hard. We’ll be back with a cooler performance. I’m really grateful.”

Watch the performances from the “Queendom” finale here!

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