Honey Lee Talks About Her Successful Year And Upcoming Film

Honey Lee recently sat down for an interview to discuss her eventful past year and future projects.

Describing 2019, Honey Lee shared, “This past year was not like a gift, but like a miracle.” This year, she starred in hit film “Extreme Job” as well as top dramaThe Fiery Priest.” In accordance with her success, Honey Lee received the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism’s Commendation at the 2019 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards.

After first stepping into the spotlight as Miss Korea in 2006, Honey Lee made her acting debut in 2009. Talking about her career change, the actress explained, “I decided to live my life as an actress and accepted acting as my career. Rather than thinking ‘It will go well,’ I was satisfied with being on set every day. The self-sufficiency I felt when i tried my best was so valuable. Aside from that, there’s nothing I can really control. Even if I say there is a certain character I want to do, I know that I can’t just do it and that I can’t do it on my own. This year was a complete gift. But that’s not because I did anything well. As an actor, wouldn’t coming across a film that surpasses 16 million viewers have the same probability as getting struck by lightning walking down the street? Although I am thankful, it’s right to let go and move on to preparing for my next character. Rather than an actress who has achieved a lot, I am an actress who needs to create more in the future. That’s why I worry that I will become satisfied with myself or think, ‘This is good enough.’ I’m trying to be cautious.”

Honey Lee’s next project is a crime film called “Black Money,” which tells the story of internal conflicts within prosecutors who are investigating a case involving saving banks. She plays a lawyer and stars alongside Jo Jin Woong who plays a prosecutor. The film premieres on November 13.

Regarding this upcoming film, Honey Lee commented, “I liked that my character was multifaceted. Even with the the serious investigation cases as its foundation, the film also has many fun elements. I also liked the strong message behind the movie. As an actress in this generation, it’s hard to come across a project like this, so there was no reason not to do it. I thought it would be an honor to act in a film like ‘Black Money.’ More than anything, it was an honor to work with director Jung Ji Young.”

Honey Lee had to speak in English for her “Black Money” character Kim Na Ri, of which she explained, “She lived in the United States and has no trouble communicating because she worked in Wall Street. She’s like a leader. I think Kim Na Ri’s character is portrayed through little details. I worked hard on making technical and economical terms sound like everyday language. The director said the one word to describe Kim Na Ri was ‘confident.'”

The actress further explained her acting journey, sharing, “I had a clear direction I wanted to take. That’s why I think I was able to transcend [career boundaries] and promote so extensively. I know that no matter how much I say, ‘I’m an actress,’ it means nothing. Now, a lot of time has passed, and I’m really thankful that my sincere feelings of ‘I will work hard’ and ‘I really want to act’ have been conveyed.”

Lastly, describing herself now, Honey Lee said, “I think I’m a rock that is stuck in the middle stage and needs to accumulate more moss. Beyond our country, I would love [to work in] India, Hollywood, Europe, and Africa. I want to do projects that are open. Of course, these kind of opportunities come to actors as spontaneous gifts, so I’m preparing for them with that in mind.”

Watch Honey Lee in episode one of “The Fiery Priest” below!

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