Update: IU Reunites With Lee Hyun Woo In Nostalgic

Updated November 18 KST:

IU has revealed a music video for “Above the Time,” one of the B-sides from her upcoming mini album “Love Poem”!

The music video features Lee Hyun Woo, just like the music video for her 2011 hit track “You & I.” Watch it below!

Updated November 18 KST:

Ahead of the release of IU’s mini album “Love Poem” on November 18, the singer released a new video teaser for her song “Blueming,” featuring a line that says, “Will you bloom a million flowers with me?”

Watch the teaser below!

Updated November 15 KST:

IU shared a message teaser for her upcoming song “Blueming”!

The teaser includes messages shared between two people (labeled as 1 and 2 below) using emoticons that seem to be heart-shaped flowers:

1: What are you up to?
2: I miss you.
1: You’re busy, right?
2: I’m falling asleep.

Updated November 13 KST:

IU shared a lyrics teaser for “unlucky,” a song on her upcoming mini album.

Check out the lyrics below:

You don’t have to overexert yourself in love
It’s okay if you’re not happy for a day
You’re still perfect, my lady um

There are still countless blank spaces, aren’t there?
It seems there won’t be an end to the wandering
among the frustrating tasks that don’t get worked out

Every day seems like
a well planned joke
The more I run, the more it escapes me

Just life, we’re still good without luck
Even if you lose your way, keep taking light steps that make a click clacking sound
There’s no right, honestly perhaps everyone wants to cry
Maybe they get angry
because they don’t want to get sad

Updated November 11 KST:

IU has released a sneak peek of another song from her upcoming mini album “Love Poem”!

Check out her new teaser for “Above the Time” below:

Original Article:

On November 4 at midnight KST, IU shared a teaser for her upcoming song “The Visitor!”

IU was originally scheduled to release her fifth mini album “Love Poem” on November 1, but both the album release and the teaser schedule were delayed. Instead, IU released her pre-release track “Love Poem” on November 1, which quickly took over the charts and received a certified all-kill.

Now IU is gearing up for the release of her full mini album and has shared a video teaser for one of the songs, titled “The Visitor.” At the end of the teaser, it’s revealed that her new album will be coming out on November 18.

Check out the video below!

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