GOT7 Talks About Their Close Friendship, Concept Change For Upcoming Comeback, And More

GOT7 is ready for their comeback!

Prior to releasing their newest mini album “Call My Name,” GOT7 participated in press interviews and raised even more anticipation for their return.

The upcoming album “Call My Name” features the title track “You Calling My Name,” as well as five other tracks including “PRAY,” Now or Never,” Thursday,” “Run Away,” and “Crash & Burn,” for which the members also participated in writing to tell their own stories.

When asked how they feel about making their first comeback in six months, Yugyeom answered, “We are making a comeback for the first time in a while after going on a world tour. We came back with a more sorrowful and sexy concept than before. It is a new [type of concept] we are trying out, so we are curious how fans will react. I hope many people like it.” Yugyeom continued to explain the ‘sorrowful sexy’ concept, sharing, “When looking at just the concept, it is very sexy. However, the word ‘sorrowful’ fits better when you look at the lyrics.”

Regarding their concept change, JB said, “Until now, GOT7’s music tended to be rich with sound and extravagant. The upcoming song is very simple and minimal.” Jinyoung added, “When we heard the vocal guide, we had no idea [how we would pull it off]. We worried while thinking, ‘Should we be doing something like this?’ However, once we recorded it with our own voices, I realized, ‘We are able to do something like this.’ It’s new, but I like that we are finding different sides of us. The only thing that changed is the genre. The lyrics are still about fans just like we’ve been doing until now. They will adjust quickly because while the genre seems new, the foundation is the same.”

When asked if they did anything different with their visuals along with the concept, Yugyeom stated, “We showed skin more than we’ve ever shown in the jacket photos. We worked on our diets and tried to look sharp. We put in much effort so that fans can enjoy it. However, it will be hard to show much skin on stage since it will be on broadcast.”

The members went on to name the sexiest member of the group. JB said, “I personally think it’s me because I look sharper due to the weight loss.” Mark and Jinyoung agreed, “We can just all agree that it’s JB.” Yugyeom added, “Youngjae also lost a lot of weight. Everyone looks really sharp in the music video.”

The members also talked about participating in the music production. Yugyeom said, “I participated in producing ‘Crash & Burn.’ It is a song that is similar to ‘Hard Carry’ through which we can show a powerful and strong performance.” Jinyoung shared, “The album only consists of tracks with genres that we think we are best at. I think it’s an album that showcases our charms well.”

JB and Park Jin Young participated in writing the title track “You Calling My Name.” When asked about the process, JB explained, “Writing the lyrics was not as difficult. However, when we were deciding on the title of the song after writing the lyrics, Park Jin Young first suggested ‘You Calling My Name.’ I felt a bit hesitant, so I asked my acquaintances, and everyone liked [the title]. I realized that my instincts had been wrong.”

GOT7 continued the interview by sharing their secret to having the best teamwork. Yugyeom said, “We are actually close friends instead of being close just for work.” Jinyoung added, “We have conversed a lot in our own way and also fought often. We became close while resolving our issues after the fights.” JB stated, “I believe that we are loyal to each other.” Mark continued, “I didn’t know what I could do for the team at first. However, I came to feel responsibility [for the team] as time passed by, and I began to care more about managing our team.” Jackson concluded, “I think the role of the leader also plays a big part. JB has a great sense of responsibility.”

GOT7’s upcoming album “Call My Name” will be released on November 4 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out the teasers here!

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