VICTON Talks About Making Comeback With 6 Members + Support From Han Seung Woo

VICTON talked about making a comeback with their new mini album “Nostalgia”!

This comeback is the group’s first with six members, as Han Seung Woo is currently promoting with the “Produce X 101” project group X1.

At a press showcase for their fifth mini album on November 4, Choi Byung Chan talked about making a comeback with the group after appearing on the Mnet survival show earlier this year.

“I think this will be a year to be proud of, since I’m able to release an album as VICTON’s Choi Byung Chan rather than as ‘trainee Choi Byung Chan,'” he said. Chan commented, “This is our first comeback in a year and six months, so we really missed performing. We hope you’ll show a lot of love.”

Subin said, “We didn’t want to waste our time, so we kept trying new things such as learning dance or taking lessons.” Sejun added, “During our hiatus, we were all unsure of what we should do and felt lost. We saw how hard Seung Woo and Byung Chan were working, and we thought that we need to improve ourselves too.”

Chan also said that they felt pressure following the return of Choi Byung Chan, who gained a large fan base while competing on the show. “We all practiced really hard together, and since Byung Chan has given us a second chance, we’ve worked really hard to prepare too,” Chan said.

Seungsik also talked about becoming the interim leader while Han Seung Woo is promoting with X1. He said, “I suddenly became the leader, so at first, I felt uneasy. The members are helping me a lot, and although I took the leadership position, all the members are sharing the burden and role of the leader to guide the group. I think it’s great that I can be of support to them.”

When asked if Han Seung Woo gave him any advice, he replied, “Ever since a while back, Seung Woo always said he wanted VICTON to shine on stage. So we’re trying to make every performance look cool and show how we’ve improved.”

Chan shared they’ve been continuously keeping in touch with Han Seung Woo, and Seungsik said he told them to do well during this comeback and not make any mistakes on stage.

VICTON has to promote for two and a half years as six members without Han Seung Woo. About that, Seungsik said, “There’s a difference between how we look when we have seven members or six members, but we are trying to create a synergy. We want to continue to work hard so that Seung Woo’s absence won’t be felt.”

They were also asked if it felt strange that Han Seung Woo is promoting with another group. Choi Byung Chan candidly explained, “We’ve known him for five to six years, so I think we’ll be able to have good conversations about it.” Chan added, “Maybe it’s because Seung Woo and I practiced together for a long time, but he still feels like a friend who lives in my neighborhood.”

Check out VICTON’s new MV for their title track “Nostalgic Night” here.

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