Unexploded Bomb Found On Set Of Marvel's

Actors and staff members were recently evacuated from the set of Marvel’s upcoming film “The Eternals” after an unexploded bomb was discovered at the filming site.

On November 4 (local time), several U.S. and British news publications reported that the unexploded bomb was discovered at the filming site located in the Canary Islands.

It was reported that Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, and several staff members immediately halted production following the discovery of the bomb and safely evacuated to the nearby island of Fuerteventura. Ma Dong Seok was not present at the scene.

Afterwards, experts arrived at the scene and safely removed the bomb. However, it will reportedly take some time for the actors to resume filming as the site is still under investigation to see if there are any additional bombs.

According to the reports from foreign media, the explosive is most likely a bomb that remained from World War II and not a terror threat.

“The bomb in question appeared to have been there for decades untouched,” an official at the scene told The Sun. “Everyone on set was terrified because we didn’t know what would happen if we accidentally disturbed it.”

The Sun reported, “It’s not known exactly when or where the bomb was made, or how long it had been in the filming area. But the island where [‘The Eternals’] was being filmed was used by the German military as a military base during World War II.”

“The Eternals” will be about a superhuman race called the Eternals that was birthed millions of years ago as a result of genetic experiments on Earth by the Celestials. Ma Dong Seok will play the role of Gilgamesh, a hero with super strength that competes with the likes of Thor and Hercules.

“The Eternals” is set to premiere on November 6 in 2020.

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