Kyungri Talks About Dating Jeong Jinwoon And How They Stay In Touch While He’s In The Military, And Shares Photos

Kyungri talked about her relationship with 2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon on “Section TV”!

As a main MC of the show, the former 9MUSES member answered questions in the November 14 episode about dating Jeong Jinwoon and also shared some photos of them together. The news of their relationship was confirmed the day before.

When the panelists asked her how she’s feeling, Kyungri responded, “I’m really nervous right now too. On the day the dating rumor came out, I woke up late and looked at my phone to find tens of people had tried to contact me. I was so surprised. We’ll date well.”

She said, “We’re not sure what the date of the day we confessed our feelings was. We were dating naturally and then said, ‘Since we’re dating now, when should we say was our ‘first day of dating’?’ We decided to make our ‘first day of dating’ the day that we had the best memories.”

Kyungri went on to say that they had a lot of mutual friends and had seen each other several times before dating. “Then in 2017 we were on a variety show together, and we ended up dating towards the end of that,” she said.

When asked how they’d dated in secret for two years, Kyungri said, “‘We agreed that we shouldn’t hide it by wearing hats and should instead comfortably meet up. So I think people thought we were friends.”

Kyungri was also asked what Jeong Jinwoon’s reaction was after their relationship was reported on. “He first asked me if I was okay,” she said. “We’ve been dating for two years so we both expected it. We were prepared for a report to come out at some point. So I said I was okay and that we shouldn’t lie and should just confirm it, so we confirmed it.”

Jeong Jinwoon is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service. Kyungri shared, “When he was in basic training, I sent him emails every day. He couldn’t write emails so he’d write me handwritten letters whenever he had a moment. I have over 10 of them at home now.”

“I try to go visit every day I don’t have anything on my schedule,” she said. “Visiting hours start at 9 a.m. so I try to go then.”

When asked what pet names they call each other, Kyungri said that they don’t have any particular pet names but that they’ll call each other “baby.”

Lastly, Kyungri sent a video message to Jeong Jinwoon in which she said, “Work hard during your remaining year of military service. It’s gotten cold out, so be careful, and I love you.”

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