Actor Sues For Defamation In BTS Concert Fraud Reports

An actor has strongly denied his suspected involvement in the BTS concert fraud case.

It was reported on November 14 that several entertainment industry representatives committed fraud by forging forms that are internally used at Big Hit Entertainment and using the forged forms to sign fake contracts with several companies. 11 companies are said to have been victims of the fraud, with damages reaching up to 5 billion won (approximately $4.27 million). The news outlet The Fact reported that an actor described as “A” and his representative “S” were involved in the BTS concert fraud committed by “K.”

On November 15, “A” and “S” stated through a press release that the reports of their involvement in the fraud were false and announced that they will take legal action.

The actor and his representative said, “Many other media outlets made reports citing The Fact, but the content in The Fact’s article is false.”

The lawyer representing “A” and “S,” Kim Dong Woo of Jangheon Law Firm, explained, “Actor ‘A’ and his representative ‘S’ suffered serious defamation and obstruction of business.” He continued, “‘A’ and ‘S’ have nothing to do with ‘K’ who is the main offender,” and stressed that they will take strong legal action.

The lawyer revealed, “‘A’ and ‘S’ do not even know ‘K’ and were already suffering due to the fraud committed by ‘K.’ The Fact failed to fact-check their relations and reported false news, which led to greater damage.”

In response, Jangheon Law Firm plans to file a criminal complaint against the press who reported false news for defamation, obstruction of business, and more. They are also considering taking action for civil damages and more.

The law firm added, “If the press continues to release false information and both the press and netizens continue to defame ‘A’ and ‘S,’ then we will take legal action against the press, the reporters, and the people who actively participated in spreading false reports.”

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