HaHa, Byul, Kahi, And Sunye Voice Support For Improved Traffic Safety Bills For Children

Celebrities have expressed their support for improved traffic safety bills for children!

On November 18, the parents of Kim Min Sik, who passed away due to a traffic accident in a school zone, appeared on Channel A’s “Eye Contact” to ask for the passage of “Min Sik’s Law,” which will call for stricter safety regulations. The parents shared, “Since there’s nothing we can do for Min Sik right now, we think that passing ‘Min Sik’s Law’ is what we can do for Min Sik, so we’re enduring while [promoting the passage of this law].”

Currently, “Min Sik’s Law” is one of many pending bills on children’s traffic safety that were named after the children who passed away due to a lack of strong safety regulations.

Celebrities who saw the news also expressed their support for the passage of the law. HaHa posted on his Instagram:

Everyone, soon, at 9:50 p.m. on ‘Eye Contact,’ Min Sik’s parents’ eye contact will air. This is not a promotion for the show.

As a newborn’s parent, I also felt a heart-ripping sadness and pain during the recording. I wanted to be some kind of help because Min Sik’s parents are regarding our broadcast today as their only hope.

And today just happens to be Min Sik’s birthday. In order for Min Sik’s name to not be in vain.. I ask for your interest in ‘Min Sik’s Law’!! And Min Sik’s parents, stay strong, and stay strong again! [The post] is lacking, but I’ll continue to support and participate until the end!! Please stay strong at least for the two children by your side. Although it must be a pain I can’t even begin to fathom.. I’ll earnestly pray in order for you to be able to take strength and overcome this and become happy.. I’m sorry and thank you.. and I’m sorry again.. And everyone, I ask for your help.. Please help.

Along with his message, HaHa also shared a link to the petition asking for the passage of the child safety law.


Other celebrity parents also posted on their Instagrams, including Kahi, who shared, “If we can gather strength, then we have to do our best to help. From the perspective of a parent raising a child, my chest was boiling. Even then… all I can do is click on ‘Agree.’ I will participate. I’ve posted the link on my profile. Everyone, please participate.”


Former Wonder Girls member Sunye also shared, “After becoming a mother, my heart naturally goes out to all issues regarding children. I believe that small actions can gather to become a great strength. I’m participating with a praying heart that our country’s laws that protect children will gradually become better. Let’s do this together.”


Furthermore, HaHa’s wife Byul also shared, “One day, my husband returned home with swollen eyes. When I asked, he told me about Min Sik’s parents, whom he had met during the recording. He said he was very scared that he wouldn’t be able to protect the precious children that are right in front of his eyes.” She added, “Please don’t think that it’s someone else’s problem. If you’re a parent who is raising a child — no, even if you’re not, please help.”


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