Update: Celebrities Express Sorrow At Goo Hara’s Passing

Updated December 2 KST:

Former KARA member Park Gyuri left a message in memory of Goo Hara on Instagram.

Her post reads as follows:

A week has passed. I don’t know how each day has passed.. Time never waited for you or me and just kept on flowing. I wondered if this is what we mean when we say time is coldhearted.

I wasn’t sure how I would respond to people if they asked me if I was okay, so I stayed home the whole time. I couldn’t organize my thoughts.. [Everything’s] just blank.

To be honest, I wanted to pray on my own.. But even if doesn’t reach you directly, if I reveal it like this and make at least one more person pray for you, wouldn’t that bring me closer to you? I thought that would be just a bit better. That’s how everyone probably feels.

I still don’t know what’s what. It doesn’t feel real, and I feel stunned, but I think this might be better than thinking too deeply. From the way you know me, I’m not someone like this.. Would it have comforted you a bit more if we had recognized that we are both weak?

There’s still a lot that I haven’t been able to say, and there’s so much more I want to say, but..

I’m sorry and I love you, and I’m sorry and I love you, again.

Hara. Our pretty Hara. Rest well.

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일주일이 지났네. 어떻게 하루하루가 지나갔는지 모르겠는데.. 시간은 너도 나도 돌아봐주지 않고 계속 흘러가더라. 시간이 야속하다는 게 이런 건가 싶었어. 사람들이 괜찮냐고 물으면 어떻게 대답해야 될지 어려워서 집에 계속 있었어. 생각이 정리가 되질 않더라구.. 그냥 새하얘. 솔직히 말하면 스스로의 기도만 하고 싶었는데.. 네게 직접 닿지 않더라도 내가 이렇게 드러냄으로써 또 한 명이라도 더 널 위해 기도를 한다면, 그게 너와 가까워지는 게 아닐까. 그게 조금이나마 낫지 않을까라는 마음이 들더라. 다들 그런 마음이 아니려나. 나는 아직도 뭐가 뭔지 모르겠고, 현실감도 없고 멍한데 차라리 이게 생각을 깊게 하는 것보다 나은 것도 같아. 네가 아는 난 이렇지 않을텐데.. 서로가 연약함을 더 인정했었으면 네게 좀 더 위로가 되었을까. 못다한 얘기도 많고 하고싶은 말이 많은데.. 언니가 미안하고 사랑하고 또 미안하고 사랑해. 하라야 예쁜 우리 하라야. 푹 쉬어

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Updated December 1 KST:

Former KARA member Heo Young Ji has also written to Goo Hara.

She shared a photo of herself with Goo Hara and wrote, “Unni (older sister), who’ll be shining brightly in the sky. Our pretty and lovely unni. I miss you. I’m sorry, thank you, and I love you. I won’t forget you. I’ll always pray.”

Updated December 1 KST: 

Former KARA member Nicole has shared a tribute to Goo Hara on Instagram. In Korean and Japanese, she wrote, “To the Hara I love. I miss your silly smile and laugh so much. When we meet again, we’ll have so much to talk about, right? … You know, right? Please be well until that day comes. When we meet again, I’ll hold you close. I love you.”

Updated November 30 KST:

Han Seung Yeon, a fellow former member of KARA, has written to Goo Hara following her passing. She also shared photos of happy moments they spent together.

She wrote,

In my heart, there’s so much that I want to say, but it’s all meaningless now so…

Hara, Hara.

I’m going to work hard at life so that people will remember you for a long time.

Rest well until we meet again. When we do, I’ll tell you I love you.

Updated November 28 KST:

Kang Ji Young, a fellow former member of the girl group KARA, wrote on her Instagram following the passing of Goo Hara.

She wrote in Korean:

We live while expressing what we want to express, and doing what we want to do. Everyone is lonely. We were born on this earth that way. We were maybe aware of it ever since the moment we came out of our mother’s womb and into the world. That’s why we should find out exactly what we want and what is the most precious thing to us, and then face ourselves 100 percent honestly.

Please, fill yourself up with love now. Express yourself. Cherish. Both yourself and the people who love you. I believe that I don’t make that come true, it’s that which guides me and makes itself come true through me.

I hope that you always feel an effortless happiness… #

I will remember everything about my precious unni — her goofy smile, her small frog-like feet and her so strong hands that always warmly held me, how she seemed as though she might break if you touched her, and how she was so pure, affectionate, and tenderhearted. Just as she always used to say to me ‘I love you,’ I’m going to continue to say ‘I love you’ a lot too. I’m going to work hard as I live my life. I’m so, so sorry and thank you, I love you.

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우리는 그냥 우리가 표현하고 싶은 거, 하고 싶은 거 하면서 사는 거에요. 누구나 다 외롭죠 처음부터 우린 이 땅에 그렇게 태어났어요. 엄마 뱃속에서 세상에 나왔던 그 순간부터 어쩌면 알고 있었겠죠. 그러기에 자신이 무엇을 바라는지, 자신에게 가장 소중한 것이 무엇인지 정확하게 알고, 삶으로써 그 소망에 100% 솔직하게 내 자신과 대면해봐요. 제발 이제는 사랑으로 채워주세요. 표현해주세요. 아껴주세요. 자기 자신을 그리고 당신을 사랑하는 사람들을. 내가 그것을 실현하는 것이 아니라, 그것이 나를 인도하고 나를 통해 그 자신을 실현하는 것이라고 믿어요. 항상, 애씀 없는 행복이 함께하길 … # 언니의 빙구 웃음도, 개구리 같던 작은 발과 너무나도 강하고 항상 따뜻하게 날 잡아주던 언니의 손, 건드리면 부러질 것만 같았던 순수하고 정 많고 여린 소중한 우리 언니의 모든 거 다 기억할게. 언니가 항상 내게 사랑한다고 말해줬던 것처럼 나도 앞으로도 많이 사랑한다고 말할 거야. 열심히 살아볼게. 너무너무 미안하고 고맙고, 사랑해. 自分自身を愛してください。 でも、私がごめんね。 本当に今までありがとう。 ご冥福をお祈りします。

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Soyou also wrote on her Instagram:

Men, women, non-celebrities, celebrities, workers, employment seekers, entrepreneurs, heads of households, students, professionals of any kind — the things everyone is saying to each other the most lately are, ‘Are you okay?’ and ‘Nothing’s wrong, right?’ So many people who deserved to be loved have left us.

I hope that that won’t happen again.

There are people who criticize others for things that aren’t confirmed and people who criticize others with rumors. Let’s understand each other a bit more and love each other a bit more.

Because we all deserve to be loved.

Updated November 27 KST:

Solbi took to Instagram with a call for change following the passing of Goo Hara, Sulli, and more. She wrote:

When I compare 10 years ago and now, I am so struck with grief over how nothing has changed and nothing has been able to change.
Many of Korea’s celebrities have continuously spoke about the pain they feel because of the crime known as malicious comments.
I have also spoken about it.
Those who have left malicious comments have hid themselves under the leniency they’re given that’s called “protection of human rights” even though they’re the perpetrators, and the celebrities who were attacked haven’t been able to speak out about it properly even though they’re the victims.
Can only our commenting culture to blame for this problem? I want to ask that question to the media and portal sites that have just continued to stand idly by in terms of that structure.
I used art as a tool to express my pain as a victim. And on television shows too, I’ve continually spoken about this, but my words were too weak.
I hope that everyone now works together, raises awareness about the severity of the issue, finds ways to change the system, and no longer stands idly by.
We urgently need legislative amendments that can enable the protection of the human rights of not only the celebrities who are seen as easy targets of malicious comments but also many other victims.
I don’t want to lose anymore of my beloved seniors, juniors, or colleagues.

Once again today, I long to see their bright smiling faces.
I pray for Sulli, Goo Hara, and the other colleagues who passed away; they were passionate, beautiful, and had so many dreams.

May they rest in peace.

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10년 전과 지금, 아무것도 변하지 않았고 변화될 수 없었다는게 참 비통합니다. 대한민국의 많은 연예인들은 악플이란 범죄로 인한 고통을 번번히 호소했습니다. 저 또한 마찬가지였습니다. 악플러들은 가해자임에도 불구하고 인권 보호라는 선처 아래 몸을 숨겼고, 그런 공격을 받는 연예인들은 피해자임에도 불구하고 제대로 된 소리 한번 못냈습니다. 이러한 문제는 비단 댓글 문화만의 탓일까요? 그 구조를 계속 방관해 오던 많은 미디어와 포털사이트를 포함한 매체들에게 묻고 싶네요. 전 예술이라는 도구를 통해 피해자의 고통을 호소했습니다. 그리고 방송에서도 꾸준히 발언을 해왔지만 제 이야기는 너무도 약하고 또 약할 뿐입니다. 이제는 힘을 모으고 문제의 심각성을 알리어 제도적 변화를 모색하고, 모두가 더 이상 방관하는 일이 일어나지 않기를 바랍니다. 악플러들의 대상으로 쉽게 여겨지는 연예인 뿐만아니라 수많은 피해자들의 인권을 보호할 수 있는 법안 개정이 절실하게 필요합니다. 더이상 사랑하는 선배, 후배, 동료들을 잃고 싶지 않습니다. 오늘따라 환한미소로 웃던 그들이 너무 보고싶어요.. 열정있고 꿈 많았던 아름다웠던 설리, 구하라, 그리고 먼저 세상을 등졌던 다른 동료들을 위해 기도합니다. #삼가고인의명복을빕니다

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Singer Jang Jae In posted on Instagram to say:

Would people know?
She’d been famous since I was in elementary and middle school.
When I went to the dance academy with my friend,
They said, ‘The girl over there is the one you’ve heard about’
and when I looked, I saw a beautiful and slim girl
who was sweating in the loose clothes she wore on such a small build
and was working so hard as she danced.
It was to the point that she was the only one I saw in that practice room.

Would people know?
How hard that young and small girl was practicing, as though she might break her body?

Former Baby V.O.X member and actress Shim Eun Jin also posted on Instagram. She wrote:

I’ve found out late about the sad news of the passing of a junior artist..
I prayed that this kind of thing would not happen,
and my heart is so very heavy..
I didn’t know her well, in the past we’d just say hello when we met each other sometimes at the salon, but I’ll pray that she rests in peace.
This must be a difficult time for her remaining family, acquaintances, and fans,
but please have strength..
I will pray again that you do not fall apart. #RIP.

Updated November 25 KST:

More celebrities have shared their thoughts following the passing of Goo Hara.

During her radio show on November 25, Kim Shin Young stated, “Even doing your best at a small thing can change the world. It’s very cold today. I feel cold physically and also in my heart.” She went on to say, “I’ve been working as a radio DJ for seven years, but yesterday and today I cannot feel at peace.” It’s described that she became tearful and said, “I have to do the radio show but I’m upset that it’s live. I have to do well as the DJ though…”

At the end of the show, Kim Shin Young introduced the song “Towards a Land of Happiness” by Yang Hee Eun as a song that expresses how she feels. She said, “Instead of comforting or supporting me now, please pray for Hara. I hope that Hara has gone to a land of happiness.”

Singer Jung Jae Hyung wrote on Instagram, “How lonely and difficult must it have been for you? My heart aches. I pray that you will be in peace there.”

T.O.P shared two screenshots in his Instagram story of messenger conversations with Goo Hara.

The conversation shows that on November 5, Goo Hara sent a message to T.O.P with an emoji with heart eyes and a message that reads, “I’m late, but happy birthday.” T.O.P wrote on the screenshot, “Your last message was a happy birthday message that I wasn’t able to reply to… I’m so sorry. Hara, I hope you will rest in peace in a good place.”

He also showed screenshots in which Goo Hara sent him a link to her “Midnight Queen” music video and said to him, “Did you watch it? Please watch it.”

He wrote over it, “Hara, a tenderhearted and kind person with so many dreams who was full of passion about music and her work.”

A-JAX’s Seungjin shared photos with her and wrote, “Don’t hurt anymore.”

Nam Tae Hyun also posted a photo of himself with Sulli and Goo Hara.

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Updated November 25 KST:

Park Min Young has also taken to Instagram to mourn the loss of Goo Hara. The actress shared several old photos of herself with Goo Hara and wrote, “I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be with you on your final path… I will always remember you as my cute Hara. Take care on your journey.”

Original Article:

Following the tragic news of Goo Hara’s sudden passing, many of her fellow celebrities have taken to social media to express their feelings of grief and shock.

Former After School leader Kahi wrote on Instagram, “Another sun has set today… sigh… although we need to protect our children, we also need to protect our idols… never forget… that someone is always praying for you… RIP…”

DinDin shared a photo of Goo Hara and wrote, “Hara, when I slowly started receiving more attention, you worried about me and told me to contact you if I ever went through a hard time. You were so beautiful and radiant, and I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to do anything for you and couldn’t be of any help. I’m truly sorry. I should have helped you in at least some small way, and I’m really sorry. I’m so angry, and I hate the world so much, but I really hope that you’ll be happy where [you are now]. I’m sorry. Thank you.”

Giriboy posted his own heartfelt message to Goo Hara on Instagram, writing, “Even though we’re the same age, you were like a senior [artist] to me; whenever I contacted you to ask you something, you’d always try to help me in some way and try to do things for me. You were such a warm person. Just recently, we talked on the phone and everything seemed normal, but then this suddenly happened. I’m so shocked… I hope you’re happy. Really.”

Actress Han Ye Seul shared a drawing of a woman and wrote simply, “Breaks my heart RIP.”

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Breaks my heart RIP

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Former A-JAX member Dowoo, who was previously labelmates with Goo Hara at DSP Media, wrote, “When I was promoting [as an idol] and you were our senior artist at our agency, you were our pride and our role model. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace.”

Kim So Yi (also known as Soy Kim) of Raspberry Field wrote, “Rest in peace, Hara. I am so saddened and heartbroken by this loss. We can’t afford any more of these beautiful souls to leave us. We just can’t.”

Harisu shared an image of Goo Hara’s online profile and wrote, “Such a shame… this is truly too sad… I hope you’ll be happy in the sky… rest in peace.”

Chae Ri Na wrote on Instagram, “This is truly too sad… really, it’s so sad that it’s making me crazy… we’ve sent off another truly beautiful junior artist…” She added in the hashtags, “I’m sad,” “I’m in pain,” and “I’m struggling.”

We send our deepest condolences to Goo Hara’s friends and family during this painful time. May she rest in peace.

If you would like to talk to someone, please don’t hesitate to seek help and reach out. Click here for a list of international hotlines that you can call, and if you can’t find your country listed, please call your local emergency number.

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