Parents Of Remaining TRCNG Members To Take Legal Action Against Wooyeop, Taeseon, And Their Parents

The parents of the remaining eight members of TRCNG have announced plans to take legal action against Wooyeop, Taeseon, and their parents.

Earlier this month, Wooyeop and Taeseon filed a request for the termination of their contracts with TS Entertainment on the grounds of alleged child abuse, violence, and lack of management. The agency later announced that the group will be continuing with eight members, excluding Wooyeop and Taeseon, and it released a letter from the remaining members’ parents expressing their support for TRCNG’s continued activities under TS Entertainment. Wooyeop and Taeseon’s representative responded with a statement saying that originally the 10 members had agreed to all request contract termination, but the eight other members and their parents changed their minds.

On November 27, the legal representative for the parents of the eight members of TRCNG released the following statement:

First, our clients feel sorry towards the fans who love TRCNG and TS Entertainment for having to issue a statement.

Our clients were anxiously waiting for Wooyeop and Taeseon, who had been causing problems during that time, to return to TRCNG again and resume activities. However, contrary to that wish, Wooyeop, Taeseon, and their parents have released various false news reports and created rumors, and they are inflating and reproducing this and even filed a criminal complaint against TS Entertainment. In regards to this situation, our clients feel a deep sadness as well as an irrepressible anger.

Wooyeop, Taeseon, and their parents have been trying to create conflict between our clients and TS Entertainment for the past few months by telling lies to our clients and the remaining TRCNG members and trying to pit sides against each other. They have played the victim while making false statements through the media, which has severely damaged TS Entertainment’s reputation. In particular, Wooyeop and Taeseon have spoken to the media as though they had been betrayed by the remaining TRCNG members (who they went through thick and thin with during all that time), which has done serious damage to the reputation of the remaining TRCNG members, and through such actions they’ve shown absolutely no feelings of comradeship.

Our clients will no longer stand idly by as Wooyeop, Taeseon, and their parents incite the press and lie in damaging interviews, and we will make it clear that their claims are false and exaggerated. We will be taking legal action through the law firm Seewan, and we will make Wooyeop, Taeseon, and their parents take legal responsibility appropriate for their mistakes.

We once again bow our heads in gratitude to all the people who love and support TRCNG. We also once again apologize for conveying bad news.

2019.11.27. From the parents of the eight members of TRCNG.

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