Watch: Gong Yoo Goes On A Blind Date With A Twist In Teaser For Lee Dong Wook’s Upcoming Talk Show

A closer look at Lee Dong Wook’s new talk show has been released!

The show, titled “Because I Want to Talk,” features Lee Dong Wook’s close friend Gong Yoo as the first guest. The clip starts off with the two in the car, as Lee Dong Wook says, “Wow… Jeju Island with you.” Gong Yoo politely bows to the camera, saying, “Thank you producers.” Lee Dong Wook jokingly orders Gong Yoo to blow a kiss, and he complies. Lee Dong Wook comments, “That’s for the preview.”

Once on set for the show, Lee Dong Wook proudly announces his first guest of the show, Gong Yoo, who is met with a huge response from the audience.

The clip jumps to a meeting before the filming, where Lee Dong Wook and other staff members were discussing Gong Yoo and his unique qualities. After doing his fair share of studying Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook looked ready to take on his interview.

During the show, Lee Dong Wook asks Gong Yoo, “Why is the public so crazy about Gong Yoo?” To ease Gong Yoo’s initial embarrassment, Lee Dong Wook encourages him and says that it’s okay, after which Gong Yoo hilariously assumes an arrogant posture. Gong Yoo answers, “Well, [I am] good looking. I make clothes look good. It’s a win-win.”

Fellow show host Jang Do Yeon asks both men, “Have you two ever gone on a blind date?” Gong Yoo excitedly responds, “You’ll set us up on blind dates?” and Jang Do Yeon confirms.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, the blind date turns out to be with Jang Do Yeon herself. As they pretend to dance, Gong Yoo shyly says “Hello” to her, which she jokingly deflects by saying, “Goodbye.” Once they’re all seated, she asks them, “What if your girlfriend were to go on an overnight trip with her male friend?” Gong Yoo mechanically responds, “The way I think of it, possessing someone is not love,” causing Jang Do Yeon to yawn.

Lee Dong Wook’s talk show hosted alongside Jang Do Yeon premieres on December 4 at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the full teaser below!

If you haven’t already seen this bromance in action, catch Lee Dong Wook and Gong Yoo in “Goblin” below!

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