“Love With Flaws” To Air Cha In Ha’s Scenes As Planned

Cha In Ha’s scenes will air as planned for MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Love with Flaws.”

On December 4, the production team of “Love with Flaws” released an official statement regarding Cha In Ha’s appearance in the drama following his passing. The full statement is provided below:

This is an official statement regarding the broadcast of the Wednesday-Thursday miniseries ‘Love with Flaws.’

The production team and cast of MBC’s “Love with Flaws” are unable to hide our profound grief at the sudden passing of Cha In Ha.

First, we express our deepest condolences and sympathy towards the family of the deceased who has lost a precious family member.

During the filming period, [Cha In Ha] worked more passionately than anyone during the drama filming.

We will remember the efforts of [Cha In Ha], who always worked hard with his shining presence on set in order to create a good drama.

Respecting the wishes of [Cha In Ha’s] family for the broadcast to continue normally, MBC’s “Love with Flaws” production team would like to announce our decision to broadcast the drama as planned without any special editing.

Once again, may Cha In Ha rest in peace.

We will remember [Cha In Ha] who worked hard to create a good drama.

December 4, 2019, from the production team and cast of MBC’s “Love with Flaws.”

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