Celebrities Express Sorrow Over The Loss Of Cha In Ha

Many celebrities took to social media to mourn the passing of Cha In Ha.

Cha In Ha passed away on December 3, and his exact cause of death has not been revealed. A funeral was held for him in private on December 5.

Oh Yeon Seo appears in the MBC drama “Love with Flaws,” where Cha in Ha portrayed her second older brother. The drama stated that they would be airing Cha In Ha’s scenes as planned to honor his efforts during filming.

With photos of her and her three on-screen brothers, she wrote, “It’s cold, isn’t it? Go carefully. Thank you so much for being my older brother.”

Heo Jung Min is also a cast member on “Love with Flaws.” He shared a photo of the official poster for the drama.

He wrote, “A younger brother I worked with has passed away. My heart hurts even more after going to the funeral today and seeing his family’s tears. I prepared condolence money for the funeral, but his family said they weren’t accepting contributions for funeral expenses. He was someone who asked me to buy him drinks, but I never got to buy any for him. Instead, I ate plenty of hot spicy meat stew, skate, various pancakes, and drinks for free thanks to him. Thanks a lot. I remember him as someone who worked really hard while filming our drama together. You should’ve hung in there for a bit longer… I feel regretful that I couldn’t tell him that it gets better and you feel happier as you live life… Rest in peace. We, the cast of ‘Love with Flaws,’ will forever remember actor Cha In Ha. Please remember that I loved you so much. You were a really great actor.”

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함께 일하던 동생이 떠났습니다 오늘 장례식장 다녀와서 가족들 눈물보니 더 마음이 아픕니다 노잦돈 준비해갔는데 가족들이 부조금 안받겠다고 하시네요. 술사달라고 했던 놈인데 한번도 못사고 그놈덕에 육개장에 홍어에 각종전에 공짜로 술 실컷먹었네요 너무 고맙네요 제 기억으로는 함께 드라마 찍는 동안 정말 열심히 하던 친구였습니다. 좀만 버티지… 살다보면 살아지고 좋아지고행복해진다고 말 못해준게 안타깝더군요.. 삼가고인의 명복을 빕니다. 우리 하자있는인간들은 차인하 배우를 영원히 기억할겁니다 . 너를.너무 사랑했다는것만 기억해줘 잘가 넌 정말 멋진 배우였어..

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Fellow “Love with Flaws” cast member and Cha In Ha’s onscreen brother posted photos of the actors together.

He wrote, “My lovely younger brother, our In Ha, left without saying a word…He was a younger friend I adored because he was always bright and worked hard. My heart breaks that I didn’t notice and didn’t do anything. Please pray so that our In Ha can go to a good place and so that he won’t feel lonely. In Ha, I love you.”

Actor and labelmate Lee Tae Hwan shared a screenshot of Kim Yoon Ah’s song “Going Home” with the lyrics, “I hope you’ll let go of the burden and feel happy now. I sincerely hope for this.”

Cha In Ha’s agency Fantagio Entertainment shared their final thoughts on the actor’s passing.

They wrote, “Cha In Ha was an actor who was passionate about acting. We can still see him trying to go towards his dream of being an actor one step at a time at his own pace. We sincerely supported and loved Cha In Ha who always lit up his surroundings with his bright smile. 27-year-old actor who particularly liked being called ‘Cha Star’! His appearance as a youth who never stopped for a moment to achieve his goal will always remain in our hearts as an unfading star. We will never forget and will always remember actor our shining youth, our Cha Star, actor Cha In Ha. Sincerely, everyone at Fantagio Entertainment.”

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