Block B’s Jaehyo Discharged From Military Due To Health Issues

Block B’s Jaehyo has been discharged from his military service.

According to a statement from Jaehyo’s agency on December 6, Jaehyo received a physical examination from the Military Manpower Administration. Jaehyo suffers from chronic knee injuries that make it difficult for him to perform his duties. Due to these conditions, the Military Manpower Administration decided it was best to discharge Jaehyo.

Furthermore, the agency added, “Moving forward, Jaehyo will be focusing on getting treatment for his conditions, and we will update you on any further plans and scheduled activities for him once his condition improves.”

The full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is Seven Seasons.

We are releasing an official statement regarding Block B member Jaehyo’s discharge from military service.

Jaehyo has been suffering from chronic illness in his right knee along with damage to his left femoral muscle cartilage and left meniscus. He unfortunately relapsed shortly after he enlisted into the military, and therefore returned home to receive treatment.

After receiving treatment, Jaehyo re-entered public service on March 21 of this year. Unfortunately, his condition once again deteriorated, and he had to seek treatment.

Over the last six months, Jaehyo has been getting plenty of rest and treatment as advised by the doctor. On September 30, he received a general physical examination at the Military Manpower Administration office in Busan. He then had another detailed examination on November 4 at the Daegu Gyeongbuk Province branch of the Military Manpower Administration. Following the examinations, he was assigned Grade 5 (those incapable of serving in active duty or supplemental positions) and was discharged from the military.

Moving forward, Jaehyo will be focusing on getting treatment for his conditions, and we will update you on any of his further plans or scheduled activities once his condition improves.

Thank you.

Jaehyo enlisted into the military back in December of last year, where he was assigned to public service due to his aforementioned health issues.

We hope Jaehyo gets well soon!

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