Exclusive: IU Captivates With Soulful Voice And Encourages Fans To Live Well At “Love, Poem” In Singapore

On December 6 and 7, IU made her return to Singapore for a two-day sold out show as part of her concert tour “Love, poem.” This concert marks her second appearance in Singapore.

Throughout the three and a half hour show, IU spoke to the audience as though they are her personal friends, interacted with her dancers and live band, and even took song requests from fans. The touch of intimacy she brought about was one that is unique to her and familiar to her fans.

Much to the excitement of UAENA (her official fandom name), IU began the first segment with “Unlucky” and “Palette.” During her introduction, the songstress greeted her fans lightheartedly in a mix of English and Korean. “This venue is my favorite place to perform! The sound, the mood, even the chairs. Did you guys miss me? People think my voice is very low when I speak English. During the opening, there was a lot of laughter. I feel happy that many of you are smiling.”

The singer then moved on to “Autumn Morning”, which she sang a cappella in the first half, and also “Friday.”

IU then proceeded with “Secret Garden,” “The Visitor,” “Jam Jam,” and “Twenty-Three.” She remarked, “There was someone at the back waving twice the speed of the others. I was really worried for you.”

The singer then had the fans compete for the loudest cheers. Being impressed every time each level screamed, she jokingly added, “You guys are really loud. I’m super famous!”

The vocalist went on to perform her latest title track “Blueming.”

Donned in a long white dress, IU brought about an air of sophistication as she described that the next segment would be slightly calmer. She gave the audience a pleasant surprise by performing a medley of cover songs from the OST of “Hotel Del Luna,” which she starred in. She sang “Lean On Me” by 10cm, “All About You” by Taeyeon, “Remember Me” by Gummy, and her very own “Our Happy Ending.”

“The Korean fans will be sad if they knew I sang ‘Our Happy Ending’ here. Even when they requested it in previous concerts, I never sang it for them. It’s a secret.” She smiled shyly. “Was [‘Hotel Del Luna’] a hit in Singapore? I prepared it in a rush, but I hope you liked it. I don’t see you often, and you watched ‘Hotel Del Luna’ from afar. Sorry, Korean UAENA.”

IU went on to reflect on her impression of Singapore. “I’ve been to multiple cities. It seems like everyone looks so happy in Singapore. Actually, I came with my family for a vacation in January. We went to Universal Studios, Night Safari, and Gardens by the Bay, and now my family really loves Singapore.”

Before performing her last two songs “Above The Time” and “You & I,” IU made her closing remarks, saying, “You have to live really well, okay? We will meet each other next year, promise? Until then, stay healthy.”

Returning to the stage not long after, IU kicked off the encore with her breakthrough song “Good Day,” where fans returned her legendary high note sequence with audible cheers and rounds of applause. IU went on to praise the enthusiasm of Singaporean fans.

The singer then provided comforting words to the audience. “I only come here once a year, so I don’t know what kind of troubles you’re living with. When you feel despair and want to end everything, I hope you’ll remember our promise to meet here next year. Day by day, if you live on breathing slowly, it will soon be next year. When I come back again, I will make the same promise, and we’ll make this same promise every year.”

IU added, “I love you! I don’t usually say these words. This is my first time saying it in English. Usually during tours, there is a bit of sadness at certain parts. But here, even during parts where there was supposed to be sadness, I felt happy throughout. I will be back to fill this happiness again next year. Next time, let’s all meet with this happiness.” She concluded her encore with a melancholic performance of “Love Poem.”

Just when everyone thought the concert had ended, the artist appeared on stage again for a second encore. “My band and I are not prepared, so don’t expect too much!” IU mentioned that it would be like a laid-back rehearsal session and even took song requests from fans. She then brought the night to a close while belting out “Heart,” “Sleepless Rainy Night,” “The Night Of The First Breakup” and “Someday”.

Effortlessly belting out notes after notes throughout the show, IU rang in the last month of the year for Singaporean UAENA. With a sellout concert, the soloist proved her everlasting charms and talents once again.

Special thanks to IME Singapore for inviting us to the show!

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