Sleepy Refutes TS Entertainment’s Claims That He Lied About Dorm Living Conditions

Sleepy has responded to TS Entertainment’s claims that he was lying about his water and electricity being cut off in his dorms.

The two sides are currently engaged in a public legal battle since it was announced that Sleepy had left TS Entertainment after filing to request the termination of his contract earlier in the year. Since then, both parties have conducted interviews and released documents in relation to their dispute. Most recently, TS Entertainment stated that the claims made by Sleepy regarding the poor living conditions in his dorm had led to the water and electricity being cut off as the agency did not pay his bills in time.

Sleepy has since responded to TS Entertainment’s statement with his own statement on Instagram that reads as follows:

Hello, this is Sleepy.

From what I understand, my former agency sent a press release to various media outlets stating that ‘The water and electricity were never cut off.’

I am currently working on my own without an agency, and I was filming yesterday so I could not release an official statement immediately.

Till now, we have received countless notices and warning messages that the gas would be cut off, like the stickers you get when your property is seized. Whenever I received one, I would send it to my former agency and beg to avert the problem. However, I didn’t know how to handle the constant fear of my water, electricity, or gas being cut off whenever I received a text message. The attached photos show proof of it.

I don’t know what else I can say to explain this situation. I hope you can see and decide for yourselves.

The name “Kim Sung Won” in the screenshots is my real name.

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안녕하세요 슬리피입니다. 어제 전 소속사에서 ‘단전 단수는 없었다’는 보도자료를 각 언론사로 보낸 것으로 알고 있습니다. 현재 저는 소속사 없이 혼자 일을 하고 있고, 어제 녹화가 있어서 바로 입장을 낼 수가 없었습니다. 그동안 저희 집에는 차압 딱지가 붙듯이 전기공급 제한, 도시가스 중단 등을 알리는 공문이 붙거나, 이를 경고하는 문자가 수시로 왔습니다. 그럴 때마다 전 소속사 측에 이를 호소해 겨우 겨우 이를 막으며 살아 왔습니다. 하지만 이런 공문이 붙거나, 문자 메시지를 받을 때마다 단전과 단수, 도시가스 공급이 중단되면 어쩌나 하는 불안한 마음으로 어찌할 바를 몰랐습니다. 위 사진들이 바로 그 내용입니다. 말로써 제가 더 어떤 설명을 할 수 있을 지 모르겠습니다. 보시고 판단해주시기 바랍니다. 캡처 사진 속 ‘김성원’인 제 본명입니다.

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With the post, Sleepy included messages he had sent to a TS employee asking him to resolve the situation of unpaid bills, with one message including a photo of his bathtub that his mother had filled with water in case their water was shut off. He also included text messages he received from related services asking about unpaid bills, with warnings that services would be discontinued if the situation was not resolved.

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