“Chief Of Staff” Cast Says Goodbye As Season Two Comes To An End

The cast of “Chief of Staff” has said goodbye to the series!

Season One of the political drama aired from June 14 to July 13, while Season 2 aired from November 11 to December 10.

Lee Jung Jae made headlines when he announced his return to the small screen for the first time in 10 years as the lead of “Chief of Staff.” In the role of Jang Tae Joon, he told the story of his character’s development from a political aide to a member of the National Assembly. He said, “Thank you to the viewers who loved [the drama] for the long time of six months starting from season one. I was happy acting as Jang Tae Joon, who challenged himself and changed during each episode.”

Shin Min Ah portrayed skilled female politician Kang Sun Young and made a successful transformation as an actress. She said, “‘Chief of Staff’ was a process of challenging myself to play a character I had not been able to experience until now, and it was a project that was a big honor because I was able to act with many senior actors. I won’t be able to forget the experience of receiving lots of support from viewers as the confident, politically skilled Kang Sun Young. I sincerely thank all of the actors and each and every member of the staff who worked together.”

Lee Elijah appeared as the political aide Yoon Hye Won, who led the office and its employees. She said, “I’ll cherish the emotions and moments of your love for ‘Chief of Staff’ and Yoon Hye Won in my heart like a piece of poetry. I sincerely thank the director, actors, writers, and staff.”

Kim Dong Jun portrayed Han Do Kyung, who chronicled his personal and professional growth from a clumsy intern to a professional secretary. He said, “It feels strange because it’s a drama I participated in for six months. It was a drama that I will remember every moment of, and a drama where I really worked hard during every second and scene. I’ll become an actor who acts sincerely with the many experiences I learned through this drama.”

Jung Man Shik appeared as Choi Kyung Chul, the chief of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office who stood his ground with his own set of principles and beliefs. He said, “The second season of ‘Chief of Staff’ is a meaningful project for me as well. It was a meaningful time meeting viewers through the charming character of Choi Kyung Chul, who is a cold man of principle. I want to thank the fellow actors who acted alongside me, the staff, and viewers.”

Kim Kap Soo received lots of love from viewers for his realistic portrayal of a greedy politician. He said, “I was happy I was able to play a new character like Song Hee Seop. I worked with director Kwak Jung Hwan many times, but this project felt new. While working for a long time together, the atmosphere on set was really good and I could film comfortably. Thank you to viewers who watched while being immersed with us.”

Jung Woong In appeared as a sneaky aide named Oh Won Sik, who lived a life led by money. He said, “I acted with the belief that there was probably an aide out there like Oh Won Sik who was envious of the successful Jang Tae Joon and had a twisted mind. I’m thankful I was able to successfully complete it due to the support of many viewers, and would like to especially tell Kim Kap Soo that I learned a lot from him.”

Park Hyo Joo appeared as a perfect aide named Lee Ji Eun. She showed off her “girl crush” charms along with Kang Sun Young. She said, “I was happy as Yeouido’s IU. I will remember the passionate work of the staff during the hot summer as well as working with such inspiring actors.”

Jo Bok Rae captured viewers with his colorful portrayal of Yang Jong Yeol. He said, “I learned a lot while filming and it was a valuable experience. We were able to successfully complete the drama thanks to the younger and older actors, and the staff. Thank you to the writer for creating Yang Jong Yeol into a charming character, the director for creating a natural atmosphere on set where I could act comfortably which could’ve been awkward since I only joined the second season, and the viewers who adored Yang Jong Yeol.”

The second season of “Chief of Staff” concluded on December 10 at 9 :30 p.m. KST.

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