Yoon Ji Hye’s Upcoming Film Promises External Investigation After Her Criticisms

On December 14, actress Yoon Ji Hye took to Instagram to criticize the unprofessional filming environment of her upcoming film “Clean Up.” On December 16, the film’s producer, the Korean Academy of Film Arts (KAFA), issued an official response.

Their statement reads:

First, KAFA deeply regrets that unpleasant incidents have come to light just before the film ‘Clean Up’ is set to be released in theaters after a long process of production that began in 2017.

With heavy hearts, we acknowledge lead actress Yoon Ji Hye’s social media comments about her painful memories of the filming.

The importance of adequate preparation and safety checks on set cannot be emphasized enough. Regardless of what the reasons may have been, KAFA expresses deep regret about the incidents and discomfort on set that Yoon Ji Hye has pointed out.

Nevertheless, since it is also true that the director and other production staff members have opposing views about the issues that Yoon Ji Hye has pointed out, KAFA acknowledges that we must fully listen to all the voices of the cast and crew, including Yoon Ji Hye.

Therefore, an investigation team of external experts who can ensure objectivity will be set up to review any problems at the time of shooting and identify the causes of the problem more clearly. In particular, we intend to fully investigate whether these issues were caused by problems with our KAFA production management system rather than mistakes or inexperience on the part of individual staff members. We hope that the results of this investigation will improve the production environment for everyone who participates in KAFA’s projects hereafter.

Additionally, while this cannot be an excuse for the problems caused by poor production conditions and lack of production capacity, we would like to express our deepest regrets for causing trouble to the cast and crew who fought hard to make this film despite the difficult circumstances.

With the results of the investigation as a basis, KAFA will use this opportunity to objectively reflect on itself and work hard to lead the growth and maturity of the Korean film industry.

The film “Clean Up” was set to be released on December 19.

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