Watch: Fans Notice Adorable Interaction Between TWICE's Nayeon + ITZY At 2019 KBS Song Festival

TWICE’s Nayeon and ITZY warmed fans’ hearts with a super-cute interaction at the 2019 KBS Song Festival!

During the final moments of the award ceremony, which took place on December 27 at KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) in Ilsan, all of the performers came back on stage to sing “The Earth Traveler” together and say goodbye to the audience.

As TWICE and ITZY stood together on stage, fans noticed multiple interactions between the JYP Entertainment labelmates—Momo and Yuna, Jeongyeon and Ryujin, and Chaeyoung and Chaeryeong were all spotted exchanging hugs and chatting with one another.

However, it was the interaction between Nayeon and the ITZY members that stood out to fans the most. It all began with Nayeon enthusiastically dancing the choreography for ITZY’s song “ICY,” thrilling Yeji and Lia—but before long, Lia became worried about Nayeon’s safety. Pointing at the slippery, confetti-strewn steps below, Lia affectionately warned Nayeon and attempted to guide her to a safer spot on the stage.

Lia’s fears proved well-founded: later on, after Nayeon had danced to “ICY” some more with Ryujin, she ended up slipping and falling on the floor while walking to the front of the stage. The ITZY members gasped in shock as Chaeryeong sprang forward to help Nayeon up, and Momo reassured them with a laugh that everything was fine.

Check out two fan-taken clips of the moment below!

Watch the full 2019 KBS Song Festival with English subtitles below!

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