Ways Hyun Bin Makes Viewers Swoon In “Crash Landing On You”

Who else is mesmerized by Hyun Bin’s character Ri Jung Hyuk in “Crash Landing on You” these days?

The tvN series is about a wealthy South Korean heiress named Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) who is forced to make an emergency landing in North Korea during a paragliding trip. There, she meets North Korean officer Ri Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin).

Hyun Bin has been receiving enthusiastic support from viewers for his role as Ri Jung Hyuk, a North Korean officer who values principles. He may seem cold and hard on the outside, but he has a soft spot for Yoon Se Ri.


Here are a few reasons he has captured hearts so far:

A man who doesn’t forget easily

In the second episode, Yoon Se Ri kept calling RI Jung Hyuk to ask for items she needed, like shampoo and body wash. He coldly responded to her, but he later surprised her by buying her everything she asked for.

Also, in the fourth episode, Yoon Se Ri showed her determination to return South Korea by saying, “Let me have espresso at a cafe in Gangnam next week.” Ri Jung Hyuk remembered that and made coffee for her by directly purchasing coffee beans at the market. As such, Ri Jung Hyuk is electrifying the small screen with his incredible ability to remember all the details of Yoon Se Ri’s trivial remarks.

A man who shows unexpected jealousy

Ri Jung Hyuk may seem indifferent and calm, but when it comes to Yoon Se Ri, he is unable to hide jealousy. Previously, Ri Jung Hyuk naively assumed Yoon Se Ri was in love with him because she had thrown a “finger heart” at him. However, she showered the other soldiers with “finger hearts” as well, which deeply upset him and made him feel confused.

In addition, Ri Jung Hyuk exploded with anger when Yoon Se Ri mentioned that her meeting with Goo Seung Jun (Kim Jung Hyun) was fate. His outbursts of jealousy never fail to bring delightful laughter.

A man who knows how to protect

Ri Jung Hyuk is making hearts flutter with his superhero actions. Whenever Yoon Se Ri is in danger, he is there to save her. When Cho Chul Gang (Oh Man Seok) doubted her identity, Ri Jung Hyuk introduced her as his fiancée, and when she got lost in the market, he purchased a scented candle to find her.

At the end of episode six, Ri Jung Hyuk appeared on a motorcycle to save her from a military truck, which sparked a fierce gunfight. Swoon-worthy moments like this have viewers anticipating every episode.

“Crash Landing on You” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST, but it took a temporary hiatus this past weekend.

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