Soloist Blows Everyone Away And Shares Hopes For Former Group's Reunion On

The identity of contestant On My Way was revealed in the latest episode of “The King of Mask Singer”!

The episode that aired on January 5 followed On My Way go up against Bruce Lee in the third round. Bruce Lee performed Im Se Jun’s “Don’t Go Today” while On My Way took on Seo Ji Won’s “Another Beginning.”


Competition was fierce between the two contestants and Bruce Lee went on to the next round with a vote of 56 to 43. On My Way took off her mask to reveal that it was none other than 2NE1 member-turned-solo artist Park Bom, who stated, “I tried singing a little differently, but I was surprised at how people knew it was me.”

When asked why she had wanted to appear on the show, Park Bom said, “My father,” and explained, “When I was on my break, my father would watch this show every Sunday, shedding tears as he watched. He asked when I would be appearing on the show. I think my father will like that I’d here.”

Talking about why she had cried while preparing for her song, Park Bom explained, “Before I became a singer, I was a fan of a singer called Seo Ji Won. I vowed to include his song in my album if I became a singer, and I feel like I’ve made that wish come true through this stage.”

She also stated, “Standing on my own without the other members, it’s been difficult but I’m also grateful that I was given the opportunity.” Park Bom also said, “There was a lot I needed to think about and reflect on by myself. I will be strong for the people who cheered me on as I quietly looked back on my life.”

When asked if fans can hope for a 2NE1 reunion, as the group officially disbanded in 2016, Park Bom said, “I meet up with the other members quite often. I’d like for us to have a reunion if we get the chance.”

After the show, Park Bom took to her Instagram account to write, “My wish has finally come true. I had promised myself that if I became a singer, I would sing Seo Ji Won’s song on stage or include a remake in my album, and I am so happy that ‘The King of Mask Singer’ has given me this opportunity to perform his song. I’m sure that if he were alive, he would have really liked it. ‘Oppa, I sang your song~'”

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