Jun So Min Flusters Kang Tae Oh With Question About Marriage On

Jun So Min caught Kang Tae Oh off guard with an unexpected question on the latest episode of “Running Man”!

On January 5, the SBS variety show aired the second installment of its “Canned” Film Festival race, which featured Kang Tae Oh, Jun Hyosung, Heo Kyung Hwan, and YOYOMI as guests.


Kang Tae Oh and Jun So Min were the first two members to be eliminated during the race, and they bonded over snacks while hanging out together in the “Running Man” jail.

As Jun So Min vented about how the production staff had tricked her, Kang Tae Oh observed, “When you talk about this, your eyes look so sad. Even though you’re smiling, there’s something sorrowful in your gaze.” Jun So Min replied sadly, “I’m glad that you, at least, know how I feel.”

Kang Tae Oh then confessed, “I didn’t say anything earlier because I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable, but I’ve always been a huge fan of yours. I’m not lying.” As Jun So Min’s sorrowful expression rapidly transformed into a giddy smile, the actor went on, “It’s true. I thought you were really charming on ‘Running Man.'”

Jun So Min, who had become visibly cheerful, remarked, “Actually, it’s nice being eliminated so early on [in the race]. The two of us get to spend this kind of cozy time together.” She then jokingly told the staff, “Lock the door. So no one can get in.”

Kang Tae Oh went on to mortify Jun So Min by suddenly bringing up an embarrassing moment from a past episode of “Running Man.” “That one moment was really funny,” he said. “The armpit sweat stains. That was so funny.”

Jun So Min responded by cautiously asking, “Did you happen to see me dressed up as [the Marvel character] Yondu?” and Kang Tae Oh replied, “Yes, I’ve seen everything.”

When Jun So Min lowered her head in embarrassment, Kang Tae Oh insisted, “It was really funny, though! I’m not making fun of you or anything.”

Turning to face him, Jun So Min suddenly asked, “Could you marry a woman like that? Could you marry Yondu?” A flustered Kang Tae Oh struggled to contain his laughter before joking, “Please don’t look at me like that; it’s making me uncomfortable.”

Watch the first half of the “Canned” Film Festival race on last week’s episode of “Running Man” below!

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