CNBLUE Member Jung Yong Hwa's Agency Taking Legal Action Against Malicious Comments

On January 6, FNC Entertainment released an official statement regarding the legal action they are taking against malicious comments related to CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa.

The full statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is FNC Entertainment.

We are making continuous efforts to protect the character and interests of our artists from the malicious comments and slander that are indiscriminately taking place online.

In the past, we have taken legal action without leniency against malicious commenters for insulting our artists and spreading false rumors about them, and the court has sentenced them to jail time and fines.

Recently, we have been actively taking legal action against malicious commenters on behalf of Jung Yong Hwa for spreading false information, making personal attacks, and defaming his character in connection with his military service and past issues that have already been concluded without charges.

To respond strongly to such cyber crimes, we have set up a task force of five department heads, criminal lawyers, and external experts and have collected a number of malicious postings in various ways since last November. First, we have filed a complaint to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office against those who made the most severe malicious comments, and this case has been assigned to Gangnam Police Station for investigation.

Instead of stopping after a one-time response, the task force is continuously tracking down malicious comments and preparing to press additional charges based on constant monitoring and tips from fans, and these procedures will continue.

The use of anonymity to indiscriminately post groundless falsehoods to defame and damage the character our artist is causing great pain not only to the artist himself, but also to their families, the company, and his fans. This is a clear crime that must be eradicated, and we will do our best to protect the artist with a strong, unyielding response.

Thank you for always giving support to the company and our artists including Jung Yong Hwa.

In February 2018, Kyunghee University was investigated for suspicions of preferential treatment to Jo Kwon and Jung Yong Hwa. However, in October 2018, Jung Yong Hwa was cleared of all charges related to his admission to Kyunghee University’s doctoral program.

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