Ahn Jae Hong Says He Was Embarrassed By Attention He Received After Losing Weight For A Role

Ahn Jae Hong recently sat down for an interview to promote his new comedy film, “We Won’t Hurt You” (literal translation).

During the interview, he was asked about whether he had gone on a diet recently. He responded, “It was just something I did for the role.” He further explained that he wanted to get rid of his softer, cuter image to embrace the desperate, edgy character of Tae Soo for the film, and lost about 10 kilograms (about 22 pounds).

He went on, “A lot of people ask me about my weight loss and it makes me cringe. I can’t talk about it anymore. Like other people, I lost weight in a healthy way by controlling what I ate and exercising. It was just part of the normal preparations to get into character. With every new production and every new character, there is an image you need to fulfill. That’s just part of your job.”

He continued, “Tae Soo is a very different character from the characters I’ve played before. That’s why I was ambitious to play him. He has a sensitive nature and longs desperately for something. He has a strong sense of purpose as well as an inferiority complex, and I wanted that to show in his external appearance as well.”

He concluded that he is not particularly invested in dieting currently. “I am maintaining my weight, and it’s embarrassing that people are saying I lost weight when I didn’t even lose that much. If I take on a character that has more weight, then I will probably gain it back really fast. If necessary, I think I could lose more as well.”

“We Won’t Hurt You” is a film based on a webtoon about a lawyer who unexpectedly becomes the director of a failing zoo and orders the employees to pretend to be the animals that were sold and sent away.

Catch Ahn Jae Hong in “Melo Is My Nature” below!

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