Police Reportedly Conduct Search And Seizure Of Kim Gun Mo's Car Following Sexual Harassment And Intimidation Accusations

Kim Gun Mo is undergoing investigation for accusations made against him.

On January 9, CBS No Cut News reported that the Seoul Gangnam Police Station conducted a search and seizure of Kim Gun Mo’s car and obtained his car’s GPS (Global Positioning System) records.

The motive behind this search and seizure is to figure out Kim Gun Mo’s location at the time of the incidents he’s currently being accused of. The data will also be used to investigate new accusations that the adult entertainment business owner intimidated “A” after she said she was sexually harassed by Kim Gun Mo at the establishment and to find out if the singer played a part in this.

On December 6, YouTube channel Garo Sero Institute reported that Kim Gun Mo sexually harassed “A” who was an employee at an adult entertainment establishment in the past. On December 9, lawyer Kang Yong Suk filed a lawsuit against Kim Gun Mo on behalf of “A” as her legal representative.

In a recent broadcast, Garo Sero Institute stated, “Kim Gun Mo says that he doesn’t have any memory [of the sexual harassment allegations], but the owner of the adult entertainment establishment is persuading and intimidating, or more strongly put, approaching [‘A’] with threatening messages.” They added, “Do you think the owner did this of their own personal will? The owner and ‘A’ don’t have a relationship, so this is a very odd situation.”

On December 14, “A” attended police questioning where she requested police protection, and Kim Gun Mo’s agency Gunem filed a countersuit against “A” for defamation and violation of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection.

Guneum stated at the time, “[‘A’] has disparaged Kim Gun Mo’s 27-year career in the entertainment industry with malicious intent and is spreading lies. Kim Gun Mo can no longer ignore how many people have been disappointed because of her actions, and that is why he is filing this criminal complaint.”

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