Watch: Red Velvet Takes 4th Win For “Psycho” On “Music Bank”; Performances By SF9, MOMOLAND, ATEEZ, And More

Red Velvet grabbed their fourth win for “Psycho”!

On the January 10 episode of “Music Bank,” the nominees for first place were Red Velvet’s “Psycho” and IU’s “Blueming.” Red Velvet won with a total of 6,649 to IU’s 4,747.

Watch the winner announcement below!

Performers in this week’s episode included 2Z, ANS, ATEEZ, DONGKIZ, MCND, SF9, VERIVERY, NATURE, DreamNote, MOMOLAND, VOISPER, Seven O’Clock, ENOi, TST, Jeong Hyo Bean, PRISM, Fishingirls, and HEE.

Watch their performances below!

HEE – “Carry On”

PRISM – “Burn It Up”

Fishingirls – “Mind Your Own Business”

ENOi – “cheeky”

2Z – “My 1st Hero”


ANS – “Say My Name”

DONGKIZ – “All I Need Is You”

Jeong Hyo Bean – “Sometimes”

DreamNote – “WISH”

Seven O’Clock – “Midnight Sun”

NATURE – “Bing Bing”

ATEEZ – “Horizon” and “Answer”

TST – “Count Down”

VOISPER – “Keep Going”

VERIVERY – “Photo” and “Lay Back”

MOMOLAND – “Thumbs Up”

SF9 – “Like the Hands Held Tight” and “Good Guy”

Congratulations to Red Velvet!

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